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<p>Welcome to the <strong>ChessZilla</strong> project homepage!</p>
<p>This new addon for Mozilla deals with chess games embedded in email
and newsgroup messages, often FEN positions or PGN files cutpasted
by the message sender. We (plurale majestatis, for now :-) are creating
a little module to show these game snippets in graphic (as a chessboard
with chess pieces upon) and browse them too, if there is a valid move
list; and to save them in .PGN files somewhere on disk.<br>
From the other
side, a sender will be able to open a .PGN file to a certain game and
paste it, or browse the game to the
position he/she wanted (or create a new position from scratch, placing
kings and pieces on an empty board) and paste the FEN line in his
This is the goal for a <strong>ChessZilla 1.0</strong> release.</p>
<p>Plans beyond this scope are a correspondence chess management
system, UCI protocol integration for game analisys with chess engines,
interfacing with external chess programs like Winboard/Xboard: we
will see. Hints, suggestions and user feedback in general are welcome...<br>
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