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    1: <!-- MAIN CONTENT -->
    2: <h5 class="page-header"><a id="content" name="content">Installation</a></h5>
    4: <p>
    6: <b>Current Version:</b><br>
    7: Version 0.6.20: <!--a href="">Installieren</a-->
    8: <a 
    9: href=""
   10: iconURL=""
   11: title="Checkyesss"
   12: onclick="return xpi_install(this);">Install</a>
   14: </p>
   15: <!--p><strong>Note:</strong> Displaying the credit of sipgate accounts currently
   16: does not work due to a change of the sipgate website!
   17: </p-->
   18: <!--p>
   19: The pre-release supporting Firefox 3.0 is available on
   20: <a href="">this page</a>
   21: and ready for being tested.
   22: </p-->
   23: <p>
   24: An alternative version not using Mozilla/Firefox an be found on
   25: <a href="">this page</a>
   26: (for YESSS! Prepaid ONLY!!!).
   27: </p>
   29: <b>Instructions:</b>
   30: <ol>
   31: <li>Install the Checkyesss extension (see link above)</li>
   32: <li>Restart Mozilla/Firefox</li>
   33: <li>In case CheckYesss does not find the login information automatically,
   34: an input box pops up to enter an account name -
   35: enter an arbitrary name.</li>
   36: <li>Enter your login data (phone number + password).</li>
   37: <li>Additional accounts can be added by clicking on the "+"-button</li>
   38: </ol>
   40: <p>
   41: <b>Versions History:</b><br>
   42: <ul>
   43: <li>Version 0.6.20<br>
   44: <tt>! </tt>Yesss Diskont-Surfen: Adjustments for changed web layout
   45: </li>
   46: <li>Version 0.6.19<br>
   47: <tt>! </tt>PepPhone-Free: Adjustments for changed web layout
   48: </li>
   49: <li>Version 0.6.18<br>
   50: <tt>! </tt>Work-around for Firefox 3.0b5 (shipped with Ubuntu 8.04), fixes bug
   51: <span class="BZ-strike BZ-resolved-fixed" title="RESOLVED FIXED"><a href="">19029</a></span>.
   52: </li>
   53: <li>Version 0.6.17<br>
   54: <tt>+ </tt>Simyo: Support for all 3 available rates<br>
   55: <tt>! </tt>Yesss: Fixed the parser for Diskont-Surfen
   56: </li>
   57: <li>Version 0.6.16<br>
   58: <tt>+ </tt>Compatible to Firefox 3.0.*<br>
   59: <tt>+ </tt>Yesss: Added support for the rate plan '2,9&cent;'<br>
   60: <tt>! </tt>VoipStation: Renamed to PepPhone-Free<br>
   61: <tt>! </tt>Fixed various small bugs
   62: </li>
   63: <li>Version 0.6.15<br>
   64: <tt>! </tt>VoipStation: Allow spaces in user names<br>
   65: <tt>! </tt>VoipStation: Switched to new web address<br>
   66: <tt>! </tt>ODS-Datei: Corrected average value of &cent;/min (fixes bug
   67: <span class="BZ-strike BZ-resolved-fixed" title="RESOLVED FIXED"><a href="">18066</a></span>)
   68: </li>
   69: <li>Version 0.6.14<br>
   70: <tt>+ </tt>Yesss: Added support for the data product 'Diskont-Surfen'
   71: </li>
   72: <li>Version 0.6.13<br>
   73: <tt>+ </tt>Yesss: Added support for the rate plan '6,8&cent;'
   74: </li>
   75: <li>Version 0.6.12<br>
   76: <tt>+ </tt>Yesss 4,9&cent;: Display the consumed amount of the minimum fee<br>
   77: <tt>! </tt>Calls List: Preselected month corrected<br>
   78: <tt>! </tt>Simyo now works with SeaMonkey
   79: </li>
   80: <li>Version 0.6.11<br>
   81: <tt>! </tt>Simyo: Adaptions due to modified web layout
   82: </li>
   83: <li>Version 0.6.10<br>
   84: <tt>+ </tt>Works with Thunderbird<br>
   85: <tt>! </tt>Sipgate: Adaptions due to modified web layout
   86: </li>
   87: <li>Version 0.6.9<br>
   88: <tt>+ </tt>Yesss: Support for new prepaid rates added<br>
   89: <tt>+ </tt>Initial support for simyo (no calls record for simChef however)<br>
   90: <tt>! </tt> FAX can now be handled by the calls list
   91: </li>
   92: <li>Version 0.6.8<br>
   93: <tt>+ </tt>Call details may be shown for accounting periods
   94: </li>
   95: <li>Version 0.6.7<br>
   96: <tt>+ </tt>Added empty symbol<br>
   97: <tt>! </tt>VoipStation: Fixed problem with special characters in user names
   98: </li>
   99: <li>Version 0.6.6<br>
  100: <tt>! </tt>Fixed problem of invalid ODS files<br>
  101: <tt>! </tt>Mozilla: Fixed general problem with logging in and VoipStation
  102: </li>
  103: <li>Version 0.6.5<br>
  104: <tt>+ </tt>Call details can be stored in ODS format (<a href="">OpenOffice</a>) - needs Java support enabled in the browser<br>
  105: <tt>+ </tt>VoipStation: Added support for call details<br>
  106: <tt>! </tt>VoipStation: Quick links are working now<br>
  107: <tt>+ </tt>Various internal changes to the "web sequencer"
  108: </li>
  109: <li>Version 0.6.4<br>
  110: <tt>! </tt>Fixed the problem preventing new accounts from being created.<br>
  111: </li>
  112: <li>Version 0.6.3<br>
  113: <tt>+ </tt>Password does not have to be stored in Password Manager anymore<br>
  114: <tt>+ </tt>If password is empty the user is prompted for it (Bug #<span class="BZ-strike BZ-resolved-fixed" title="RESOLVED FIXED"><a href="">15330</a></span>)<br>
  115: <tt>+ </tt>Performance improvements<br>
  116: <tt>! </tt>Bug #<span class="BZ-strike BZ-resolved-fixed" title="RESOLVED FIXED"><a href="">14304</a></span> fixed<br>
  117: <tt>! </tt>Quick-links (via mouse click/double click) are working again (Bug #<span class="BZ-strike BZ-resolved-fixed" title="RESOLVED FIXED"><a href="">15525</a></span>)
  118: <li>Version 0.6.2<br>
  119: <tt>! </tt>Sipgate: Urgent fix due to Sipgate's changed web layout (Bug <span class="BZ-strike BZ-resolved-fixed" title="RESOLVED FIXED"><a href="">15524</a></span>)<br>
  120: </li>
  121: <li>Version 0.6.1<br>
  122: <tt>! </tt>Finally works with Firefox 2.0 (Bug <span class="BZ-strike BZ-resolved-fixed" title="RESOLVED FIXED"><a href="">15331</a></span>)<br>
  123: <tt>+ </tt>Improved opening/closing of the tooltip window<br>
  124: <tt>+ </tt>Initial support for <a href="">VoipStation</a> (no call details yet)<br>
  125: <tt>+ </tt>checkyesss download is now hosted by -&gt; no annoying delays for updates caused by mirror servers!
  126: </li>
  127: <li>Version 0.6<br>
  128: <tt>+ </tt>YESSS: Support for +V and WebFon<br>
  129: <tt>+ </tt>Sipgate: Support for Sipgate Plus<br>
  130: <tt>+ </tt>New animated icon (courtesy of WaJoWi)
  131: </li>
  132: <li>Version 0.5.7<br>
  133: <tt>! </tt>Bug <span class="BZ-strike BZ-resolved-fixed" title="RESOLVED FIXED"><a href="">14293</a></span> fixed: 
  134: At a slow browser start the accounts were not loaded (on occasions)<br>
  135: <tt>! </tt>sipgate: Bug <span class="BZ-strike BZ-resolved-fixed" title="RESOLVED FIXED"><a href="">14664</a></span> fixed: 
  136: "Voicemail-SMS" in the CDR were interpreted incorrectly<br>
  137: <tt>! </tt>Bug <span class="BZ-strike BZ-resolved-fixed" title="RESOLVED FIXED"><a href="">14665</a></span> fixed: 
  138: Special characters and umlauts were decoded incorrectly
  139: <li>Version 0.5.6<br>
  140: <tt>+ </tt>YESSS: Credits show up in the call details<br>
  141: <tt>! </tt>YESSS: Consider new phone number prefixes<br>
  142: <tt>! </tt>YESSS: Bug <span class="BZ-strike BZ-resolved-fixed" title="RESOLVED FIXED"><a href="">14305</a></span> fixed 
  143: <li>Version 0.5.5<br>
  144: <tt>! </tt>Certain special characters in user name or password made problems -&gt; fixed
  145: <li>Version 0.5.4<br>
  146: <tt>! </tt>sipgate: More adaptions to the modified format of the date in sipgate's CDR
  147: <li>Version 0.5.3<br>
  148: <tt>! </tt>sipgate: Adaption to a modified format of the date in sipgate's CDR
  149: <li>Version 0.5.2<br>
  150: <tt>+ </tt>Call details for sipgate<br>
  151: <tt>+ </tt>Full support for<br>
  152: <tt>! </tt>Bug <span class="BZ-strike BZ-resolved-fixed" title="RESOLVED FIXED"><a href="">13807</a></span> fixed<br>
  153: <tt>! </tt>Bug <span class="BZ-strike BZ-resolved-fixed" title="RESOLVED FIXED"><a href="">13803</a></span> fixed
  154: <li>Version 0.5.1<br>
  155: <tt>! </tt>Bug <span class="BZ-strike BZ-resolved-fixed" title="RESOLVED FIXED"><a href="">13729</a></span> fixed
  156: to allow arbitrary special characters in an account's name.
  157: <li>Version 0.5<br>
  158: <tt>+ </tt>Supports more than one account<br>
  159: <tt>+ </tt>Icon changes to yellow at 10 Euro (before: 20 Euro)<br>
  160: <tt>+ </tt>Choice of different icons<br>
  161: <tt>+ </tt>Credit display can be hidden automatically<br>
  162: <tt>+ </tt>Calculation of the pulsed calls' duration<br>
  163: <tt>+ </tt>Automatic rate plan detection (9&cent;/8&cent;)<br>
  164: <tt>+ </tt>More quick-links<br>
  165: <tt>+ </tt>First support for sipgate accounts<br>
  166: <tt>+ </tt>Improved log output<br>
  167: <tt>! </tt>Bug <span class="BZ-strike BZ-resolved-fixed" title="RESOLVED FIXED"><a href="">11781</a></span> resolved
  168: <li>Version<br>
  169: <tt>! </tt>Entries of type "Web-SMS" now appear correctly in the call details
  170: list.
  171: <li>Version<br>
  172: <tt>! </tt>Login might fail with phone numbers or passwords containing
  173: spaces or special characters -> corrected.
  174: <li>Version<br>
  175: <tt>! </tt>The algorith for extracting the call details hat to be adjusted
  176: after the last three digits of the phone numbers are now 'x'.
  177: <li>Version<br>
  178: <tt>+ </tt>If there is no login information for
  179: (stored in the password manager), the alternate address
  180: http<b>s</b>:// is considered too.
  181: <li>Version<br>
  182: <tt>! </tt>Neccessary update for Firefox 1.5rc1<br>
  183: <tt>! </tt>Now behaves correcly if password is missing<br>
  184: <tt>* </tt>Renamed menu item "Guthaben neu laden" to "Guthaben aktualisieren"
  185: </ul>
  186: </p>
  187: <table frame="box">
  188: <tr><td>
  189: <tt>* </tt>... comment<br>
  190: <tt>+ </tt>... new feature<br>
  191: <tt>! </tt>... error correction
  192: </td></tr>
  193: </table>

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