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 <p>  <p>
 <b>Current Version:</b><br>  <b>Current Version:</b><br>
Version 0.6.8: <!--a href="http://downloads.mozdev.org/checkyesss/checkyesss.xpi">Installieren</a-->Version 0.6.9: <!--a href="http://downloads.mozdev.org/checkyesss/checkyesss.xpi">Installieren</a-->
 <a   <a 
 href="http://download.devbase.at/checkyesss/moz/checkyesss.xpi"  href="http://download.devbase.at/checkyesss/moz/checkyesss.xpi"
 iconURL="http://checkyesss.mozdev.org/img/logo.png"  iconURL="http://checkyesss.mozdev.org/img/logo.png"
Line 40  enter an arbitrary name.</li> Line 40  enter an arbitrary name.</li>
 <p>  <p>
 <b>Versions History:</b><br>  <b>Versions History:</b><br>
 <ul>  <ul>
   <li>Version 0.6.9<br>
   <tt>+ </tt>Yesss: Support for new prepaid rates added<br>
   <tt>+ </tt>Initial support for simyo (no calls record for simChef however)<br>
   <tt>! </tt>Sipgate.de: FAX can now be handled by the calls list
 <li>Version 0.6.8<br>  <li>Version 0.6.8<br>
<tt>+ </tt>Call details may be shown for accounting periods<br><tt>+ </tt>Call details may be shown for accounting periods
 </li>  </li>
 <li>Version 0.6.7<br>  <li>Version 0.6.7<br>
 <tt>+ </tt>Added empty symbol<br>  <tt>+ </tt>Added empty symbol<br>

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