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    1: <h5 class="page-header">Development</h5>
    2: <small>(Sorry, this page is available in English language only.)</small>
    3: <p>
    4: 1. <a href="#roadmap">Roadmap</a><br>
    5: 2. <a href="#changelog">Changelog</a><br>
    6: 3. <a href="#bugs">Bugs</a>
    7: </p>
    9: <hr>
   11: <h5 class="page-header"><a name="roadmap">1. Roadmap</a></h5>
   12: <ul>
   13: <li><a name="roadmap_0454"></a><b>Release</b><br>
   14: CVS Branch: HEAD<br>
   15: This is a placeholder for all bug-fix releases needed before
   16: <a href="#roadmap_05">0.5</a> is out.</li>
   17: <li><a name="roadmap_05"></a><b>Release 0.5</b><br>
   18: CVS Branch: multicard-branch<br>
   19: <ul class="DEV-featurelist">
   20: <li>New way to store passwords:<br>
   21: The PW-Manager is still used, however
   22: the URL field is misused to store some Checkyesss ID, eg.<br>
   23: SITE="Checkyesss #&lt;login&gt;", USERNAME="&lt;login&gt;",
   24: PASSWORD="&lt;password&gt;"</li>
   25: <li>Allow for multiple accounts to be accessed by Checkyesss.
   26: </li>
   27: <li>Additional account information stored in an XML file:<br>
   28: Unique account name, login, enabled (yes/no), initial character, provider ID,
   29: position of icon, icon theme, icon animation (on/off), auto-hide credit (on/off),
   30: ...</li>
   31: <li>New "Optionen" dialog:<br>
   32: All the account information above has to be configure in the new options
   33: dialog.<br>
   34: Example:<br>
   35: <img src="img/roadmap1.png">
   36: </li>
   37: <li>Show age of credit information in tooltip, eg.<br>
   38: <img src="img/roadmap2.png">
   39: </li>
   40: <li>New flexible interface to provider-specific XPCOM component.
   41: </li>
   42: <li>Rename menu item "Guthaben neu laden" to "Guthaben aktualisieren" as it
   43: sounds like recharging the credit.
   44: </li>
   45: </ul></li>
   47: <li><a name="roadmap_0454"><b>Release 0.5.1</b></a><br>
   48: CVS Branch: multicard-branch<br>
   49: <ul class="DEV-featurelist">
   50: <li>Localization</li>
   51: <li>Store time and credit with each update to use it for statistics (later).</li>
   52: <li>Add some statistics: Effective cost/min, average duration of calls, ...</li>
   53: </ul></li>
   55: <li><a name="roadmap_0454"><b>Release 0.5.2</b></a><br>
   56: CVS Branch: multicard-branch<br>
   57: <ul class="DEV-featurelist">
   58: <li>Store icon information (ID, animated, width,...) in skin directory
   59: to be able to add new icons more easily.</li>
   60: <li>Allow the user to attach a person's name and phone provider of a number
   61: in the call details -&gt; needed for statistics</li>
   62: <li>Add more statistics</li>
   63: </ul></li>
   65: </ul>
   67: <hr>
   69: <h5 class="page-header"><a name="changelog">2. Changelog</a></h5>
   70: <ul>
   71: <li><b>Release</b><br>
   72: CVS Tag: release-0-4-5-6<br>
   73: Date: 2005-11-24<br>
   74: <tt>! </tt>The parser for the call details had to be adjusted due to the
   75: last three digits of the phone number being replaced by 'x'
   76: </li>
   77: <li><b>Release</b><br>
   78: CVS Tag: release-0-4-5-5<br>
   79: Date: 2005-11-07<br>
   80: <tt>+ </tt>Phone number and password can now be stored in the password manager
   81: for the regular and the secure address (http<b>s</b>:// The
   82: regular address is tried first. This should put some confusions to an end.
   83: </li>
   84: <li><b>Release</b><br>
   85: CVS Tag: release-0-4-5-4<br>
   86: Date: 2005-11-02<br>
   87: <tt>+ </tt>Firefox 1.5rc1 supported<br>
   88: <tt>! </tt>Improved detection and notification of a missing password<br>
   89: <tt>* </tt>Menu item "Guthaben neu laden" renamed to "Guthaben aktualisieren"
   90: to prevent misinterpretations
   91: </li>
   92: <li><b>Release</b><br>
   93: CVS Tag: release-0-4-5-3<br>
   94: Date: 2005-10-14<br>
   95: <tt>! </tt>Firefox 1.5 Beta2: Automatic login working, colors corrected.
   96: </li>
   97: <li><b>Release</b><br>
   98: CVS Tag: release-0-4-5-2<br>
   99: Date: 2005-10-07<br>
  100: <tt>! </tt>Necessary update for Firefox 1.5 Beta2<br>
  101: <tt>* </tt>Call details dialog: Default month changed to current
  102: instead of previous month.
  103: </li>
  104: <li><b>Release</b><br>
  105: <tt>! </tt>Checkyesss now supports Firefox 1.5 Beta1, with the following restrictions:<br>
  106: <tt>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </tt>automatic login not working<br>
  107: <tt>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </tt>strange colors in list of calls<br>
  108: <tt>&nbsp; </tt>Older Firefox versions are not affected.
  109: </li>
  110: <li><b>Release 0.4.5</b><br>
  111: <tt>! </tt>Connection timeout increased from 40s to 90s<br>
  112: <tt>+ </tt>The log file is now a HTML file
  113: </li>
  114: <li><b>Release</b><br>
  115: CVS Tag: release-0-4-4-1<br>
  116: <tt>! </tt>Solved problem with scroll bars in "Optionen"-&gt;"Update"
  117: (<a href="">Bug #11249</a>)
  118: </li>
  119: <li><b>Release 0.4.4</b><br>
  120: CVS Tag: release-0-4-4<br>
  121: <tt>+ </tt>SIM card now rotates during network accesses<br>
  122: <tt>+ </tt>Improved layout of the status bar overlay with different themes<br>
  123: <tt>+ </tt>Changed dialog for call details to non-modal (ie. focus can now be
  124: moved to a different window while the dialog is open).<br>
  125: <tt>+ </tt>Some preparations for future feature of multiple SIM cards.<br>
  126: <tt>! </tt>Preliminary fix of 
  127: <a href="">Bug #11196</a>
  128: (still missing additional column for credits...)
  129: </li>
  130: <li><b>Release 0.4.3</b><br>
  131: CVS Tag: release-0-4-3<br>
  132: <tt>+ </tt>Clicking on the SIM card or credit display now opens a
  133: configurable web site, eg. the account manager web site, the project's
  134: web site or a user-defined URL. Configuration is done through "Optionen".
  135: </li>
  136: <li><b>Release 0.4.2</b><br>
  137: CVS Tag: release-0-4-2<br>
  138: <tt>! </tt>Connection timeout increased from 20s to 40s to reduce the
  139: possibility of canceled logins with slow connections or long server
  140: latency.
  141: </li>
  142: <li><b>Release 0.4.1</b><br>
  143: CVS Tag: release-0-4-1<br>
  144: <tt>+ </tt>new "Optionen" window for user-defined update interval and log level.
  145: </li>
  146: <li><b>Release 0.4</b><br>
  147: CVS Tag: release-0-4<br>
  148: <tt>+ </tt>Dialog window for call details<br>
  149: <tt>+ </tt>Menu: Quick link to account manager web site (with
  150: automatic login!)<br>
  151: <tt>! </tt>Umlauts working, finally.
  152: </li>
  153: <li><b>Release 0.3.5</b><br>
  154: CVS Tag: release-0-3-5<br>
  155: <tt>! </tt>Improved error display in case of login failure<br>
  156: <tt>! </tt>Removed incorrect umlauts (damn!)
  157: </li>
  158: <li><b>Release 0.3.4</b><br>
  159: CVS Tag: release-0-3-4<br>
  160: <tt>+ </tt>Impoved CSV output of call details<br>
  161: <tt>+ </tt>First try with umlauts<br>
  162: <tt>! </tt>Fixed bug which could cause call details being downloaded during
  163: regular credit updates.
  164: </li>
  165: <li><b>Release 0.3.3</b><br>
  166: CVS Tag: release-0-3-3<br>
  167: <tt>+ </tt>Call details can now be downloaded and stored as CSV file<br>
  168: <tt>+ </tt>About window is displayed centered.
  169: </li>
  170: <li><b>Release 0.3.2</b><br>
  171: CVS Tag: release-0-3-2<br>
  172: <tt>! </tt>Moved code for downloading account data into an XPCOM component
  173: to serve multiple browser windows.<br>
  174: <tt>+ </tt>Improved error handling when an access to the Yesss server fails.<br>
  175: <tt>+ </tt>The update interval can be configured through the preference
  176: "checkyesss.interval". Valid range 4-24 (hours), default is 12 hours.<br>
  177: <tt>+ </tt>The log level can be configured through the preference "checkyesss.loglevel".
  178:, 1..errors only, 2..verbose<br>
  179: <tt>* </tt>Moved to <a href=""></a>.
  180: </li>
  181: <li><b>Release 0.3.1</b><br>
  182: <tt>+ </tt>Account data is stored in a cache, an update is performed every
  183: 12 hours or upon user request.<br>
  184: <tt>+ </tt>Added a log function (currently set to log level "verbose").<br>
  185: <tt>+ </tt>Improved error recognition during login procedure.
  186: </li>
  187: <li><b>Release 0.3</b><br>
  188: <tt>+ </tt>Tooltip: Displays the end of the credit's validity.
  189: </li>
  190: <li><b>Release 0.2</b><br>
  191: <tt>* </tt>first public version
  192: </li>
  193: <li><b>Release 0.1</b><br>
  194: <tt>* </tt>internal test version
  195: </li>
  196: </ul>
  198: <hr>
  200: <h5 class="page-header"><a name="bugs">3. Bugs</a></h5>
  201: <ul>
  202: <li>Enter a <a href="">new bug</a> for CheckYesss</li>
  203: <li>View <a href="">all bugs</a></li> 
  204: <li>See all <a href=";bug_status=NEW&amp;bug_status=ASSIGNED&amp;bug_status=REOPENED&amp;emailtype1=substring&amp;emailassigned_to1=1&amp;emailtype2=substring&amp;emailreporter2=1&amp;bugidtype=include&amp;chfieldto=Now&amp;product=checkyesss&amp;short_desc_type=allwordssubstr&amp;long_desc_type=allwordssubstr&amp;bug_file_loc_type=allwordssubstr&amp;field0-0-0=noop&amp;type0-0-0=noop&amp;cmdtype=doit&amp;order=Bug+Number">open bugs</a></li>
  205: <li>Search by Bug Number<br>
  206: <form action="" method="get">
  207: <p><input type="submit" value="Find"><input size="6" name="id"></p>
  208: </form>
  209: </li>
  210: </ul>

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