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 <h5 class="page-header"><a name="changelog">1. Changelog</a></h5>  <h5 class="page-header"><a name="changelog">1. Changelog</a></h5>
 <ul>  <ul>
   <li>Version 0.5.1<br>
   CVS Tag: release-0-5-1<br>
   Date: 2006-04-10<br>
   <tt>! </tt>Bug <span class="BZ-strike BZ-resolved-fixed" title="RESOLVED FIXED"><a href="http://bugzilla.mozdev.org/show_bug.cgi?id=13729">13729</a></span> fixed
   to allow arbitrary special characters in an account's name.
   <li>Version 0.5<br>
   CVS Tag: release-0-5<br>
   Date: 2006-04-07<br>
   <tt>+ </tt>Supports more than one account<br>
   <tt>+ </tt>Icon changes to yellow at 10 Euro (before: 20 Euro)<br>
   <tt>+ </tt>Choice of different icons<br>
   <tt>+ </tt>Credit display can be hidden automatically<br>
   <tt>+ </tt>Calculation of the pulsed calls' duration<br>
   <tt>+ </tt>Automatic rate plan detection (9&cent;/8&cent;)<br>
   <tt>+ </tt>More quick-links<br>
   <tt>+ </tt>First support for sipgate accounts<br>
   <tt>+ </tt>Improved log output<br>
   <tt>! </tt>Bug <span class="BZ-strike BZ-resolved-fixed" title="RESOLVED FIXED"><a href="http://bugzilla.mozdev.org/show_bug.cgi?id=11781">11781</a></span> resolved
   CVS Tag: release-0-4-5-8<br>
   Date: 2005-12-27<br>
   <tt>! </tt>Entries of type "Web-SMS" now appear correctly in the call details
 <li><b>Release</b><br>  <li><b>Release</b><br>
 CVS Tag: release-0-4-5-7<br>  CVS Tag: release-0-4-5-7<br>
 Date: 2005-12-16<br>  Date: 2005-12-16<br>
Line 150  to serve multiple browser windows.<br> Line 176  to serve multiple browser windows.<br>
 <h5 class="page-header"><a name="roadmap">2. Roadmap</a></h5>  <h5 class="page-header"><a name="roadmap">2. Roadmap</a></h5>
 <ul>  <ul>
<li><a name="roadmap_0454"></a><b>Release</b><br><li><a name="roadmap_05"></a><b>Release 0.5.1+</b><br>
CVS Branch: HEAD<br> 
This is a placeholder for all bug-fix releases needed before 
<a href="#roadmap_05">0.5</a> is out.</li> 
<li><a name="roadmap_0454"></a><b>Release 0.4.9.*</b><br> 
 CVS Branch: multicard-branch<br>  CVS Branch: multicard-branch<br>
Development versions for release 0.5</li>This is a placeholder for all bug-fix releases needed before
<li><a name="roadmap_05"></a><b>Release 0.5</b><br><a href="#roadmap_06">0.6</a> is out.</li>
 <li><a name="roadmap_06"></a><b>Release 0.6</b><br>
 CVS Branch: multicard-branch<br>  CVS Branch: multicard-branch<br>
 <ul class="DEV-featurelist">  <ul class="DEV-featurelist">
<li>New way to store passwords:<br><li>Support more telephone providers</li>
The PW-Manager is still used, however<li>Provide a nice line chart showing the credit over time</li>
the URL field is misused to store some Checkyesss ID, eg.<br><li>Add more icons</li>
SITE="Checkyesss #&lt;login&gt;", USERNAME="&lt;login&gt;",</ul>
<li>Allow for multiple accounts to be accessed by Checkyesss. 
<li>Additional account information stored in an XML file:<br> 
Unique account name, login, enabled (yes/no), initial character, provider ID, 
position of icon, icon theme, icon animation (on/off), auto-hide credit (on/off), 
<li>New "Optionen" dialog:<br> 
All the account information above has to be configure in the new options 
<img src="img/roadmap1.png"> 
<li>Show age of credit information in tooltip, eg.<br> 
<img src="img/roadmap2.png"> 
<li>New flexible interface to provider-specific XPCOM component. 
<li>Rename menu item "Guthaben neu laden" to "Guthaben aktualisieren" as it 
sounds like recharging the credit. 
 </li>  </li>
 <li><a name="roadmap_0454"><b>Release 0.5.1</b></a><br>  
 CVS Branch: multicard-branch<br>  
 <ul class="DEV-featurelist">  
 <li>Store time and credit with each update to use it for statistics (later).</li>  
 <li>Add some statistics: Effective cost/min, average duration of calls, ...</li>  
 <li><a name="roadmap_0454"><b>Release 0.5.2</b></a><br>  
 CVS Branch: multicard-branch<br>  
 <ul class="DEV-featurelist">  
 <li>Store icon information (ID, animated, width,...) in skin directory  
 to be able to add new icons more easily.</li>  
 <li>Allow the user to attach a person's name and phone provider of a number  
 in the call details -&gt; needed for statistics</li>  
 <li>Add more statistics</li>  
 </ul>  </ul>
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