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Code to go from a window object to its nsIXULWindow (taken from Venkman extension):

function getBaseWindowFromWindow (win) {
    var rv;
    //dd ("getBaseWindowFromWindow: before: getInterface is " + win.getInterface);
	var requestor = win.QueryInterface(nsIInterfaceRequestor);
	var nav = requestor.getInterface(nsIWebNavigation);
	var dsti = nav.QueryInterface(nsIDocShellTreeItem);
	var owner = dsti.treeOwner;
	requestor = owner.QueryInterface(nsIInterfaceRequestor);
	rv = requestor.getInterface(nsIBaseWindow);
    catch (ex)
	rv = null;
	//dd ("not a nsIXULWindow: " + formatException(ex));
	/* ignore no-interface exception */

    //dd ("getBaseWindowFromWindow: after: getInterface is " + win.getInterface);
    return rv;


Code to go from a nsIXULWindow to its window object (reverse to above)

var docshell = xulwin.docShell;
var requestor = docshell.QueryInterface(nsIInterfaceRequestor);
var win = requestor.getInterface(nsIDOMWindow);

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