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Sat Dec 28 19:59:11 2002 UTC (16 years, 9 months ago) by joachim
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new Version v0.5

<p><img src="/pics/checky.png" alt="The Checky Toolbar for Mozilla"></p>
<h5 class="page-header">Screenshots Checky v0.5</h5>

<h6>Checky Context Menu</h6>

<p><img src="/pics/context.png"></p>

<h6>Checky Preferences</h6>
<p>Screenshots of all preferences panels can be found <a href="/screenshots_more.html">here</a> 
  (big page).<br/>
  <br/><img src="/pics/checky-pref.png"></p>
<p><img src="/pics/checky-agent.png"></p>

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