Checky for Mozilla and Netscape

Checky consists of:

For a better visualization view the Checky Screenshots.

Checky Context Menu:

Easy access through browser context menu item Checky which appears after installation and right click on the area where Mozilla displays web pages. Start the Checky-Agent or each service individual and simple access all preferences. Each menu entry is accessible through keyboard shortcut.

Checky Preferences:

Global Preferences

Checky-Agent Preferences

Preferences for individual services
You can configure each service in exact the way you can do this online. (Click on panel images and copyright notes for jumping to services web sites.)


Checky-Agent allows to fire up more than one service with a single keyboard shortcut. Configure the services to your needs and combine them with the Checky-Agent preferences panel. Press F10 after browsing to a web resource to fire up the selected services.