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<title>Checky - Web Site Image Descriptions</title>


<p><a name="logo" id="logo">Checky Logo</a>: Banner with Mozilla-Eye Bitmap and Checky letters as headline on the right. Jump to Checky Homepage (Keyboard shortcut: Y).</p>
<p><a name="rss" id="rss">XML Button</a>: XML letters. Synchronize this resource with RSS 1.0.</p>
<p><a name="w3cxhtml" id="w3cxhtml">W3C Valid XHTML Logo</a>: This page is valid XHTML 1.0 strict.</p>
<p><a name="w3ccss" id="w3ccss">W3C Valid CSS Logo</a>: This page is valid CSS
<p><a name="w3cwai" id="w3cwai">W3C WCAG Double AA Logo</a>: This page
		implements	new W3C accessibility standards.</p>

<p><a name="checkycontext" id="checkycontext">Screenshot Checky Context Menu</a></p>
<p><a name="checkyagent" id="checkyagent">Screenshot Checky Agent Preferences Panel</a></p>
<p><a name="checkyglobal" id="checkyglobal">Screenshot Checky Global Preferences Panel</a></p>


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