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Checky 2.2 (Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape one distribution)

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Checky - Resource Validation and Analysis Extension for Mozilla and Firefox.
Easy to use Interface to many different free and commercial Online 
Validation and Analysis Services. Any rights not expressly granted herein 
are reserved by their owners. 
Please visit all Service Web Sites for more informations about terms of usage 
before using Checky the first time. Hyperlinks are located at



<!-- *** A simple Ant build script for developing and testing mozilla/firebird extensions *** -->

<project name="Checky" default="dist" basedir=".">

	<property file="" />

	<property name="PLUGIN.NAME" value="checky" />
	<property name="PLUGIN.VERSION" value="2.2" />

	<target name="prepare" description="Create directories.">
		<mkdir dir="target" />
		<mkdir dir="target/extension/chrome" />
		<mkdir dir="target/xpi" />
		<mkdir dir="target/zip" />
		<mkdir dir="target/jar" />
		<mkdir dir="target/jar/chrome" />
		<mkdir dir="target/jar/defaults/preferences" />
		<mkdir dir="target/src" />
		<mkdir dir="target/distributions" />

	<target name="clean" description="Clean build directory">
		<delete dir="target" />

	<target name="dist" description="Create Checky XPI and SRC distributions for Mozilla nd Firebird" depends="clean,prepare,src,xpi">
		<copy todir="target/distributions">
			<fileset dir="target/zip" />
			<fileset dir="target/xpi" />

	<target name="xpi" description="Create Firefox XPI distribution">

		<copy todir="target/extension/chrome">
			<fileset dir="src/xpi/${PLUGIN.NAME}" />

		<copy todir="target/extension/chrome">
			<fileset dir="src/xpi/${PLUGIN.NAME}" />

		<zip zipfile="target/jar/chrome/${PLUGIN.NAME}.jar" basedir="target/extension/chrome" />

		<copy todir="target/jar/defaults/preferences">
			<fileset dir="src/xpi/install" includes="**/checky*"/>
		<copy todir="target/jar">
			<fileset dir="src/xpi/install"/>

		<zip zipfile="target/xpi/${PLUGIN.NAME}-${PLUGIN.VERSION}.xpi" basedir="target/jar" />


	<target name="src" description="Create SRC distribution">

		<copy todir="target/src">
			<fileset dir="src/xpi" />

		<zip zipfile="target/zip/${PLUGIN.NAME}-${PLUGIN.VERSION}" basedir="target/src" />

		<tar destfile="target/zip/${PLUGIN.NAME}-${PLUGIN.VERSION}-src.tar">
			<tarfileset dir="target/src" preserveLeadingSlashes="false">
				<include name="*/**"/>

		<gzip zipfile="target/zip/${PLUGIN.NAME}-${PLUGIN.VERSION}-src.tar.gz" src="target/zip/${PLUGIN.NAME}-${PLUGIN.VERSION}-src.tar"/>
		<bzip2 zipfile="target/zip/${PLUGIN.NAME}-${PLUGIN.VERSION}-src.tar.bz2" src="target/zip/${PLUGIN.NAME}-${PLUGIN.VERSION}-src.tar"/>

	<target name="update.firefox" description="">
		<delete dir="firefox" />
		<mkdir dir="firefox" />

		<copy todir="firefox">
			<fileset dir="src_firefox" />

	<target name="update.mozilla" description="">
		<delete dir="mozilla" />
		<mkdir dir="mozilla" />

		<copy todir="mozilla">
			<fileset dir="src_mozilla" />


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