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Wed Dec 18 18:48:04 2002 UTC (16 years, 10 months ago) by joachim
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

<!-- *** A simple Ant build script for developing mozilla plug-ins *** -->

<project name="Checky Mozilla Toolbar" default="xpi" basedir=".">

	<property file=""/>
	<property name="MOZILLA.HOME" value="c:/programme/mozilla1.2.1d"/>
	<property name="PLUGIN.NAME" value="checky"/>
	<property name="PLUGIN.VERSION" value="0.1"/>

	<target name="prepare" description="Create directories for build process">
		<mkdir dir="target"/>
		<mkdir dir="target/plugin"/>
		<mkdir dir="target/xpi"/>
		<mkdir dir="target/jar"/>

	<target name="clean" description="Clean build directory">
		<delete dir="target"/>

	<target name="xpi" description="Create XPI package" depends="clean,prepare">
		<copy todir="target/plugin">
			<fileset dir="src/plugin"/>
		<zip zipfile="target/jar/${PLUGIN.NAME}.jar" basedir="target/plugin"/>

		<copy todir="target/jar">
			<fileset dir="src/install"/>
		<zip zipfile="target/xpi/${PLUGIN.NAME}.xpi" basedir="target/jar"/>

	<target name="deploy:mozdev" depends="xpi" description="Copy XPI package to mozdev www download directory.">

		<mkdir dir="www/distributions/${PLUGIN.NAME}-${PLUGIN.VERSION}"/>
		<copy todir="www/distributions/${PLUGIN.NAME}-${PLUGIN.VERSION}">
			<fileset dir="target/xpi"/>

	<target name="deploy:mozilla" depends="xpi" description="For development: Copy plug-in src files to local mozilla chrome directory.">
		<copy todir="${MOZILLA.HOME}/chrome/${PLUGIN.NAME}">
			<fileset dir="target/plugin"/>


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