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<p><strong>check4change</strong> (aka C4C) is a <em>simple</em> Mozilla FireFox extension that allows you to periodically check a web-page for updates.<br><br>
If you have ever found yourself pressing the reload button repeatedly waiting for a web page to be updated, then this extension is for you.<br>
C4C allows you to select the relevant part of the page, set a checking interval (e.g. every 1 minute), and it takes care of the rest.

C4C basic usage is as very easy:
<li>Select, with your mouse, the part of the page you want checked for change.</li>
<li>Right-Click, choose the time interval from the Check4Change context menu. <br>
    The tab icon will indicate this page is being monitored by changing to C4C.</li>
That's it! <br>
You can continue to work or even leave the computer. When a change is found, C4C will notify using: <br>
<li><b>Dancing C4C letters in the tab icon.</b> Clicking the tab indicates you've seen it, and the icon changes back to the original. </li>
<li><b>Sound notification.</b> So you can safely leave the computer.</li>
<li><b>Pop-up notification.</b> To alert you if you are using FireFox in another tab.</li>
<li><b>And others.</b></li>

More options and features are available for advanced users.

<h4>Usage Examples</h4>
C4C allows very versatile usage, by cleverly choosing the monitored text.
<li><b>New E-mail notifier.</b> Select number of new messages (E.g. "Inbox (49 Unread)"). <a href="screenshots.html">See example</a></li>
<li><b>New auction bid notifier.</b> Select latest price. (E.g. "Current Price: 21.50$") </li>
<li><b>New blog post notifier.</b> Select current newest post title.</li>
<li><b>And many more...</b></li>

<h3>Personal Note</h3>
<p>This project is being actively developed. As such, I would very much like to hear any suggestions, ideas, bugs, or general comments you might have. <br/>
You can use the <a href="feedback.html">feedback form</a>, or the "Feedback" option in the Check4Change menu.<br/>
Also, if you find this extension useful you can support its development with a donation using this PayPal link.<br>

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As a supporting user, your requested features receive high priority in the projects's to-do list.<br/>
If these features seem too task-specific, I might be able to provide you with a customized version.

Thank you for using Check4Change.


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