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<h2> Custom Check4Change : InPostLink </h2>
While the general Check4Change is a powerful tool, is is "dumb" in the sense that it does not understand the data is is monitoring.<br/>
Custom Check4Change are tailor-made for a specific website. They are "smart" as they understand the content they watch, and therefor can dedicated features for that site.<br/>
Check4Change InPostLink, refreshes the listed opportunities and monitors for new posts, or posts with a status change: from "Fully Reserved" to "Available".<br/>
When new opportunities are found the application notifies the user using a pop-up & sound alert, and marks the newly added offers.<br/>
The program can also filter posts with a minimal price value.<br/>


Below are screen shots of the version<br/><br/>
<img class="ss" src="images/ss1.JPG">
<br/>With a Right Click, you can access the Check4Change options, and select the refresh interval. 

<img class="ss" src="images/ss2.JPG">
<br/>When new or updated opportunities are found, the applications alerts, and marks them.

<img class="ss" src="images/ss3.JPG">
<br/>There are many more features to choose from, all available from the "Custom.." window. 

If you are interested in this application or have further questions, please contact me at



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