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<i>(If there are any problems installing this package, <a
href="">please contact us</a>.)</i>
<b>Note:</b> You must have javascript enabled in order to install from the links below.

<li>To install the <b>stable release version</b> of Chameleon 0.02 launch either
<b>Mozilla M18</b> or <b>Netscape 6</b>, return to this page and click on this link to
install the official <a href="#"
0.02</a> release candidate.<br><br>

<li>To install the <b>development version</b> of Chameleon 0.03 launch a <b>Mozilla
Nightly</b> build, return to this page and click on this link to install a <a href="#"
Build</a> of Chameleon.  <i>Note: <b>Chameleon 0.03</b> development cycle will resume in
about a week or so.</i><br><br>

<li>After you install Chameleon, quit Mozilla and restart it. Go to the Tasks menu and
click Finish Chameleon Install. You need only do this once. Close and restart Mozilla

<li>Launch Chameleon from Mozilla's Tasks menu.<br><br>

<li>To Uninstall Chameleon, go into the Mozilla Task menu and choose Uninstall

<li><i>If you still have problems please check out the <a

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