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Line 30  Install now works on the <font color="#9 Line 30  Install now works on the <font color="#9
 <a href="mailto:feedback@mozdev.org">contact us</a>.</I>  <a href="mailto:feedback@mozdev.org">contact us</a>.</I>
 <br><br><br>  <br><br><br>
<p><b>Chameleon 0.02</b> development version installation: <p><b>Chameleon 0.03</b> development cycle will resume in about a week or so.
 <ul>  <ul>
<li>To install the development version of Chameleon, try launching any of the following<li>To install a release of Chameleon, try launching any of the following
 install script using the correct Mozilla or Netscape version specified:  install script using the correct Mozilla or Netscape version specified:
 <br><br>  <br><br>
   <a href="#" onclick="triggerURL('http://chameleon.mozdev.org/chameleon_0_02.xpi');">
   <b>v0.02 RELEASE 12/11/2000</b></a>NS6
 <ul>  <ul>
 <li>Chameleon for  <li>Chameleon for
 <a href="#" onclick="triggerURL('http://chameleon.mozdev.org/chameleon_PR3.xpi');">  <a href="#" onclick="triggerURL('http://chameleon.mozdev.org/chameleon_PR3.xpi');">
Line 80  install Theme Builder 0.01</a>.<br><br>< Line 86  install Theme Builder 0.01</a>.<br><br><
 </ul>  </ul>
 <br>  <br>
<a href="#" onclick="triggerURL('http://chameleon.mozdev.org/test.xpi');"><a href="#" onclick="triggerURL('http://chameleon.mozdev.org/test.xpi');">test</a>

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