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 <!-- MAIN CONTENT -->  <!-- MAIN CONTENT -->
 <P><B>Installation</B><BR>  <P><B>Installation</B><BR>
<I>(If there are any problems getting the installation to work, please <a<I>Ok, right now Chameleon is working on <font color="#990000"><b>unix</b></font> and 
href="mailto:feedback@mozdev.org">contact us</a>.)</I><font color="#990000"><b>windows</b></font>.
 It *is* however functional on <font color="#990000"><b>mac</b></font> also, although there are I/O problems.
 Install now works on the <font color="#990000"><b>mac</b></font>!
 <br>Just need to resolve some I/O problems and we should be good on all platforms.
 <a href="mailto:feedback@mozdev.org">contact us</a>.</I>
 <br><br><br>  <br><br><br>
 <p><b>Chameleon 0.02</b> development version installation:   <p><b>Chameleon 0.02</b> development version installation: 

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