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 function triggerURL(url) {  function triggerURL(url) {
        if (!InstallTrigger.updateEnabled())  if (!InstallTrigger.updateEnabled())
                return false;     return false; 
        else  else
                InstallTrigger.startSoftwareUpdate(url);     InstallTrigger.startSoftwareUpdate(url); 
 }  }
   function postCheck(name, result)
     if (result != 0 && result != 999)
       alert("The install failed.\nFailure code was " + result + ".");
       alert("Installation complete, please restart your browser to enable.");
   function install(aXpi){
     if (!aXpi)
       return null;
     if (!InstallTrigger.updateEnabled())
       return null;
     else {
       var jslibXpi = {'JSLIB Current Static Build' : 
       InstallTrigger.install(aXpi, postCheck); 
     return void(null);
 //-->  //-->
 </script>  </script>
 <!-- MAIN CONTENT -->  <!-- MAIN CONTENT -->
<I>(If there are any problems getting the installation to work, please <aI have decided to resume some limited development on Chameleon.
href="mailto:feedback@mozdev.org">contact us</a>.)</I><br>It seems i have some extra time when i'm compiling mozilla, so why not put that
                        time to good use.
<font size=-1> 
*note* 10/10 - Chameleon nightly only works w/ mozilla nightly builds 
 <br>  <br>
Due that Chameleon has the modern them as a dependency.Please note that any of this very limited development Will not yeild a useable version
 of chameleon anytime soon. So in other words, don't bother installing the nightly build 
 because it doesn't do anything yet.
 <i>(If there are any problems installing this package, <a
 href="mailto:chameleon@mozdev.org">please contact us</a>.)</i>
 <b>Note:</b> You must have javascript enabled in order to install from the links below.
 <br>  <br>
Netscape PR3 has all themes jared up, so Chameleon hangs because it is trying to link to resource urls that don't exist. Developers can easily fix this by extracting modern.jar in PR3.<h2>Chameleon will <b>NOT</b> work with Netscape 6.1 or mozilla current.</h2>
Or just use the mozilla nightlies which have both forms of theme bundling jar and file.<br><br><br>
<br>I will post an update when i get this resolved. 
<font size=-1><li>To install the <b>stable release version</b> of Chameleon 0.02b launch either
--pete <b>Mozilla 0.6</b> or <b>Netscape 6/6.01</b>, return to this page and click on this link to
</font>install the official 
 <a href="#" onclick="triggerURL('http://chameleon.mozdev.org/theme_builder_0_02b.xpi');">
 <b>CHAMELEON 0.02b</b></a> release candidate.<br><br></li>
 <li>To install the <b>stable release version</b> of Chameleon 0.02 launch either
 <b>Mozilla M18</b> or <b>Netscape 6</b>, return to this page and click on this link to
 install the official 
 <a href="#" onclick="triggerURL('http://chameleon.mozdev.org/chameleon_0_02.xpi');">
 <b>CHAMELEON 0.02</b></a> release candidate.<br><br></li>
 <li>To install the <b>development version</b> of Chameleon 0.03 launch a current 
 Netscape 6 or mozilla build, return to this page and click on this link to install a 
 <a href="#" onclick="install({'Chameleon 0.03 Current Build' : 
 <b>NIGHTLY BUILD</b></a> of Chameleon.
 <br>Last Updated 
   $tb_current = DOC_ROOT.'chameleon/www/xpi/chameleon_current.xpi';
     $f_date    = date("l F jS Y", filemtime($tb_current));
     print " ". $f_date . "\n"; 
 <li>After you install Chameleon, quit Mozilla and restart it. 
<UL><li>Launch Chameleon from Mozilla's Tasks menu.<br><br>
<LI>Download <A HREF="http://www.mozilla.org/projects/seamonkey/release-notes/"> Mozilla M17</a> or <a 
href="http://home.netscape.com/download/0816100/10004-----_qual.html">Netscape 6 PR2</a>.<BR><BR></li> 
<li>Launch Mozilla or Netscape 6 and click on the link to <li>To uninstall Chameleon, go into the File menu in Chameleon and choose Uninstall
<a href="#" onclick="triggerURL('http://chameleon.mozdev.org/theme_builder_install.xpi');"><br><br>
install Theme Builder 0.01</a>.<br><br></li></ul>
   Source tarball
   <a href="downloads/chameleon_current.tgz">chameleon_current.tgz</a></li>
   Source zip
   <a href="downloads/chameleon_current.zip">chameleon_current.zip</a></li>
<li>Close Mozilla or Netscape 6 and relaunch.<br><br></li><li><i>If you still have problems please check out the
 <a href="faq.html">FAQ</a>.</i></li><br><br>
<li>Launch the Theme Builder by going into the Tasks pulldown menu and selecting Theme Builder.<br><br></li><p><b>Changelog</b>
   <p><u>What's new in this release?</u>
<li>Chameleon <p>version .02b
<a href="#" onclick="triggerURL('http://chameleon.mozdev.org/chameleon_PR3.xpi');"> 
for Netscape PR3</a> (PR3 only).<br><br></li> 
<li>Chameleon <p>Thur March 19, 2000 Pete Collins (petejc@mozdev.org)
<a href="#" onclick="triggerURL('http://chameleon.mozdev.org/chameleon_M18.xpi');"> 
for mozilla M18</a> (M18 only).<br><br></li> 
<li>Chameleon <ul>
<a onclick="triggerURL('http://chameleon.mozdev.org/theme_builder_current.xpi');"><li>Save works on all platforms
nightly</a> (M18 only).<br><br></li><li>Preview works on all platforms
 <li>All 5 browser toolbars are implemented
 <li>View CSS source feature
 <li>Load Session works on all platforms
 <li>Editable CSS psudo states normal, hover, active, disabled
 <li>View borders feature
 <li>Uninstall implemented and works on all platforms 
 <p><u>What's new in this release?</u>
 <p>version .02
 <p>Thur Dec 5, 2000 Pete Collins (petejc@mozdev.org)
   <p><u>What's new in this release?</u>
   <p>version .01
   <p>Wed Aug 23, 2000 David Boswell (david@collab.net)
   <li>This is the first release of Chameleon code.  Any future bug
   fixes or feature changes will be listed in this document.
 </ul>  </ul>
   <?php $author="petejc@mozdev.org"; require(NOTES); ?>

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