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*note* 10/02 - Chameleon nightly is still working. *note* 10/10 - Chameleon nightly only works w/ mozilla nightly builds
I just added a tempory way to make the install MUCH easier. 
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After you install Chameleon Nightly XPI below, all you need to do now is launch this install fileDue that Chameleon has the modern them as a dependency.
to complete installation. 
<br>Do this: 
 <br>  <br>
./mozilla -chrome chrome://theme_builder/content/install.xulNetscape PR3 has all themes jared up, so Chameleon hangs because it is trying to link to resource urls that don't exist. Developers can easily fix this by extracting modern.jar in PR3.
Or just use the mozilla nightlies which have both forms of theme bundling jar and file.
Win:<br>I will post an update when i get this resolved.
mozilla.exe -chrome chrome://theme_builder/content/install.xul 
I'm not sure yet . . . 
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You will be prompted to finish the install w/ this dialog.  
<br>You need only do this one time. 
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