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<p>The <b>Theme Builder</b> is a graphical tool made to simplify the creation of themes for <A
HREF="">Mozilla</a>. This beta version of the tool gives users the ability to apply new
graphic designs to the browser without changing its functionality. Individuals can use the tool to create
their own personal themes while companies can "brand" the browser with their company colors and logo.  This
tool can also be used to create themes to submit to Netscape's <a href="">Theme

<p>Creating a theme with the Theme Builder requires no programming. The Theme Builder will create the code
needed through using pull down menus and checkboxes that contain all the different options available for
creating a theme for the Mozilla browser.

<p>This tool provides an introduction into the customization options that Mozilla makes possible.  The look
and feel of Mozilla can be further customized by learning more about the new technologies that make up the new
user interface for this ground-breaking new browser. For example, the Theme Builder itself is built using
these new open source technologies.  These technologies allow the tool to be built once and run across all of
the platforms that Mozilla supports.

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