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1.2       david       1: <!-- MAIN CONTENT -->
                      2: <p><b>Chameleon</b> is the open source version of Netscape's Theme Builder tool.  
                      3: The <b>Theme Builder</b> is a graphical tool made to simplify the creation of themes for <A
                      4: HREF="">Mozilla</a>. This beta version of the tool gives users the ability to apply new
                      5: graphic designs to the browser without changing its functionality. Individuals can use the tool to create
                      6: their own personal themes while companies can "brand" the browser with their company colors and logo.  This
                      7: tool can also be used to create themes to submit to Netscape's <a href="">Theme
                      8: Contest</a>.
                     10: <p>Creating a theme with the Theme Builder requires no programming. The Theme Builder will create the code
                     11: needed through using pull down menus and checkboxes that contain all the different options available for
                     12: creating a theme for the Mozilla browser.
                     14: <p>This tool provides an introduction into the customization options that Mozilla makes possible.  The look
                     15: and feel of Mozilla can be further customized by learning more about the new technologies that make up the new
                     16: user interface for this ground-breaking new browser. For example, the Theme Builder itself is built using
                     17: these new open source technologies.  These technologies allow the tool to be built once and run across all of
                     18: the platforms that Mozilla supports.

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