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Line 33  the platforms that Mozilla supports. Line 33  the platforms that Mozilla supports.
 </tr>  </tr>
 <tr>  <tr>
<td colspan=2><td valign=top><img src="/sharedimages/bullet.gif"></td>
 <font size="-1"> <?php downloads('theme_builder_current.xpi'); ?> </font>  <font size="-1"> <?php downloads('theme_builder_current.xpi'); ?> </font>
 <br><br>  <br><br>
 </td>  </td>
Line 47  the platforms that Mozilla supports. Line 48  the platforms that Mozilla supports.
 <td valign=top><img src="/sharedimages/bullet.gif"></td>  <td valign=top><img src="/sharedimages/bullet.gif"></td>
 <td valign=top>  <td valign=top>
 <font size="-1">  <font size="-1">
   Chameleon nightly xpi easier <a href="installation.html">install</a>.
   <td valign=top><img src="/sharedimages/bullet.gif"></td>
   <td valign=top>
   <font size="-1">
 Chameleon nightly xpi works! Updated install instructions.  Chameleon nightly xpi works! Updated install instructions.
 </font>  </font>
 </td>  </td>

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