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    2: <p><b>FAQ</b>
    4: <p><b>Q:</b> When will I be able to theme other parts of Mozilla or Netscape 6?
    6: <p><b>A:</b> Chameleon 0.02, the most current stable release, allows you to theme all of
    7: the components of the browser except for the Sidebar and the scroll bars.  There are
    8: plans to include themeing for all of Mail/News and for AIM in the near future and the
    9: possibilty of themeing even more as development continues.  Continue checking the
   10: nightly builds to see the progress in this area.
   12: <p><hr>
   14: <p><b>Q:</b> What is the difference between Chameleon and the Theme Builder?
   17: <p><b>A:</b> Chameleon is the open source version of Netscape's Theme Builder.  The
   18: relationship is very similar to the difference between Mozilla and Netscape 6.
   19: Information about Chameleon can be found on this site.  More information about the Theme
   20: Builder and themes in general can be found at Netscape's <a
   21: href="">Theme Park</a>.
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