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[TXT] COUNTLINES[GRAPH] 1.1 19 years petejc a handy little shell script to could all the lines of a project --pete
[TXT] chameleon[GRAPH] 1.1 19 years petejc adding shell script to launch chameleon on unix --pete
[TXT] files[GRAPH] 1.1 19 years petejc i read in this command for the "g" script --pete
[TXT] g[GRAPH] 1.1 19 years petejc this is a handy script i use to grep around for certian files --pete
[TXT] locate_image[GRAPH] 1.1 19 years petejc adding, this is a hady little shell script to help you locate specific images fo...
[TXT] linkChameleon (in the Attic) [hide][GRAPH] 1.1 19 years petejc adding link and make scripts --pete
[TXT] makeChameleon (in the Attic) [hide][GRAPH] 1.3 19 years petejc working on getting nightly xpinstall to work --pete

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