What's New

cdn is a collection of extensions created by Chris Neale [and occasionally Stephen Clavering] for
Phoenix Mozilla Firebird Browser, Mozilla Thunderbird Mail and Mozilla

Compact Menu

for Fb and Tb

[ ]
[ ]

Compact Menu is a wrapper for the menubar in Px, which lets you cut the menubar down to the menus you use, and even reduce the space it takes up to a single menu item.
Full Screen + Bookmarks

for Mozilla

[ ]

FS adds two buttons to your Mozilla's Navigation Toolbar, between the Stop button and the Url field. It works like the Home Button Extension.

Bookmark Button has stopped functioning since the backporting of Px bookmark code to Moz.

Link Toolbar

for Fb and Netscape 7

[ ]

Bringing Mozilla's 'Site Navigation Bar' [Link Toolbar] to P[hoeni]x. Select alternate stylesheets.

for Mozilla Firebird Browser

[ ]

Bookmarks on Context Menu for Mozilla Firebird Browser.
Sidebar Toggle

for Mozilla

[ ]

Bringing Netscape's 'Sidebar toggle button' to Mozilla.

for Mozilla and Phoenix

Retired - use GoTo.

for Mozilla and Fb

[ ]

Themer provides a button in the Themes section of Preferences [Options on recent Px nightlies]; this button allows installation of .jar packaged themes previously downloaded from a website, like http://themes.mozdev.org/.
Things They Left Out

of Fb

[ ]

TTLO adds more items to select in the Options panel.

for Fb

[ ]

Miscellaneous little things.
Orbit 3+1
Orbit Retro
LindowsOS Orbit