Annotation of cdn/, revision 1.1

1.1     ! cdn         1:    install_opt_en=This process will either install the theme globally (in browser\'s installation chrome folder) or locally (in your current Profile chrome folder.) The advantage of a global install is that it need only be installed once and becomes available to all profiles (similar to the Modern or Classic themes.) The disadvantage is that it is not easily uninstalled.\n\nIf you prefer a global installation, select the [OK] button below; otherwise, selecting the [Cancel] button will perform a local installation.
        !             2: 
        !             3: success_reboot_en=theme installation finished successfully.\n\nYou need to REBOOT your system before you are able to select to use this theme.
        !             4:        success_en=theme installation finished successfully.
        !             5:           fail_en=theme installation failed.\n\nError code:
        !             6:     cancel_202_en=theme installation canceled.\n\nIt seems you have no write permission to the Mozilla 'chrome' directory. Please install as root / system administrator.\n\nError code:
        !             7:         cancel_en=theme installation canceled.\n\nError code:

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