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  <li>2002-nov-18 : <a href="installation.html">v0.3.0 available</a></li>
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<p>CaScadeS is a stylesheet editor for Composer, the HTML editor of Mozilla/Netscape.
     Written only in XUL and Javascript, it is easily XPI-able and you can
 download    it for any version of Mozilla or Netscape more recent than the
 5th of April    2002.</p>
<p>CaScadeS started as a proof-of-concept tool. I wanted to show that it
is possible    to build such a CSS editor on the top of the CSS Object Model,
  XUL and Javascript    in just a few days.</p>
<p>CasCadeS will allow to create complex stylesheets from scratch and will
  provide    the user with all needed UI to edit/move/remove stylesheets
and   style rules    in/between stylesheets.</p>
<p>What CaScadeS <strong>can</strong> do for you:</p>
        <li>create/edit/remove stylesheets</li>
        <li>create embedded stylesheets and rules</li>
        <li>link external stylesheets</li>
        <li>view the rules inside external stylesheets (but cannot modify
        <li>create alternate stylesheets</li>
        <li>mark a stylesheet as "disabled" to easily see the different between
  with and without it</li>
        <li>visually edit all CSS properties with a preview</li>
        <li>it has two editing modes : in expert mode, you can create sheets
  and rules w/or restriction . In beginners mode, it allows to create rules
  associated to class selectors or type element selectors ; if there is no
 stylesheet in the document for such a rule, a sheet is automagically created.</li>
<p>What CaScadeS <strong>cannot</strong> do for you:</p>
        <li>edit external (linked) stylesheets</li>
<p><span style="background-color: rgb(255,204,51); font-weight: bold;">NEW!</span>
the version of CaScadeS will allow editing of external stylesheets if present
on the local filesystem.<br>
Related documents:</p>
        <li><a href="">(
  Adding              basic CSS 1 Support to the Editor</a></li>
<p>For the moment, CaScadeS is not looking for contributors.</p>
<p><a href="">Daniel Glazman</a></p>

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