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<p>Cards is a collection of patience (i.e. single-player) card games for Mozilla Firefox. Included are: Aces Up, Black Widow, Canfield, Demon, Double Klondike, Double Solitaire, Grounds for Divorce, Fan, Forty Thieves, FreeCell, Golf, Gypsy, Klondike, Maze, Mod 3, Montana, Penguin, Pile On, Pyramid, Regiment, Russian Solitaire, Sanibel, SeaHaven Towers, Simple Simon, Spider, TriPeaks, Union Square, Wasp, Whitehead, and Yukon.</p>

<p>Includes hints, unlimited undo, scoring, explanations of the rules (at long last, though still missing for a few games), automatically moving cards to the foundations, and "intelligent" moving of cards when you left click on them.</p>

<p><a href="">Install Cards 0.98</a> now. After installing choose "Cards" from Firefox's Tools menu.</p>

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