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Thu Jun 30 18:13:34 2005 UTC (13 years, 9 months ago) by marcello
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1 - Navigation:
	. Home
	. Community
		Links for the m-l (subscribe/admin/archives)
		Table with list of contributors
	. Tutorials
		Links to available tutorials
	. Bugs
		Links for automatic query of bugzilla
	. Downloads
		Link to main release
		Links to testing packages
		Links to dictionaries
		Links to scripts and other tools
2 - In the yellow box, we keep an updated list of current official l10ns (alert icon to be changed)
3 - Right column:
	. Evident link to latest release
	. Navigation
	. News section
	. Quick reference (short sentences with link to some tutorials)
4 - The footer of the page should be the same as on current site with (c) and such and we should also mention that we're hosted on mozdev.

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