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Tue Aug 24 15:36:26 2004 UTC (14 years, 8 months ago) by marcello
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First draft of localization qa checklist

<h5 class="page-header">Localization QA: checklist (draft)</h5>

<p><em>We aim at delivering good and reliable translations. In order to do that, we ask that every localization is produced by a team and not by individuals. The reason is quite simple: as in the editorial world, authors are likely to miss their own errors, even if they thoroughly check their work. So, a team should be composed of at least 2 people: 1 doing actual translation using <a href="/appleglot-how-to/index.html" title="Our tutorial about AppleGlot">AppleGlot</a> and Interface Builder; 1 that checks the other's work. This checklist is a little help for the ones who check if everything is right. Comments are welcome through <a href="/list.html">caminol10n mailing-list</a>.</em></p>

<li>General: check if strings in dialog buttons are fully visible</li>
<li>Menu bar: check all levels of menu items</li>
<li>Menu bar: check the text encoding list (View menu)</li>
<li>Menu bar: if your localization team provides translations also for the Camino project site, check the validity of links activated by items of the Help Menu</li>
<li>Menu bar: look at the keyboard shortcuts shown in the menus and, if you find difficulties in using one of them, contact our mailing-list or file a bug in Bugzilla</li>
<li>Save as... command: check that the Format drop-down menu is wide enough to read the items in it</li>
<li>Import Bookmarks... command: check that the window is wide enough to read the string</li>
<li>Print... command: check the translation of Camino's settings panel (choose "Camino" from the third drop-down meno from top in the Print dialog)</li>
<li>Customize Toolbar... command: check the labels of the elements in the drop-down sheet that appears (also tooltips)</li>
<li>Bookmark Manager: check names of collections on the left column</li>
<li>Bookmark Manager: select a bookmark then get info for it and check the Info window (both Info and Status tabs)</li>
<li>Preferences: in the main view (Show All), check the name of each preferences section</li>
<li>Preferences: navigate every panel and every tab in it, checking for the visibility and correctness of the strings</li>
<li>Preferences: look especially to the font settings (inside the Appearance Pref. Panel), that, at the moment, require a bit of "deep" navigation to see all of the dialogs</li>
<li>Preferences: check the text encoding lists</li>
<li>TalkBack: since it's quite difficult to force the crash of Camino (;-)) it's not easy at the moment to bring up the TalkBack interface. We'll probably post some test cases in the future. Anyway, if you ave already used TalkBack in the past with Camino, you won't see the introductory (and long) part of its interface.</li>

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