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There are several projects here, all related to Mozilla Calendar, Sunbird and Lightning.

Calendar Help: Help documentation for Mozilla Calendar

Comprehensive help for users from beginners to experts. Installable as an extension, so that it is always available. Extensive links to the user interface, so that it opens to an appropriate topic. Searchable index and glossary of terms.

Calendar Folders: Organize your calendars

Folders for your calendars. Helpful if you use many calendars and group them in different ways. Also provides filtering, reporting, batch changes and an extended color palette.

Clock Tab: A clock for your calendar

Displays a clock in your calendar window: Analog or digital, with today's date.

Clock Picker: Specify times on a clock face

Replaces the time picker with an analog clock face. Drag the hands to set the time.

Daylight: Theme

Colors of sun and sky for your calendar.

Custom Buttons: Tutorial

Add your own custom toolbar buttons to Sunbird, Firefox and Thunderbird. Tutorial for beginners. Requires no special knowledge, skills or tools. [Hosted at the Mozilla Developer Center]


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