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 <div class="infoTab" id="whats-new">  <div class="infoTab" id="whats-new">
 <h5 class="infoHeader">What's New</h5>  <h5 class="infoHeader">What's New</h5>
 <ul>  <ul>
<li class="news">October 5, 2004:<li class="news">November 27, 2005:<br>
Prototype available for download.Clock Picker extension 0.1 available for download:
See <a href="installation.html">Installation</a>.</li>A time picker in the form of a clock face with hands that you can drag.<br>
 This version is for Sunbird 0.3 and Lightning only.
 See <a href="clockpick.html">Clock Picker</a>.
 <li class="news">November 3, 2005:<br>
 Draft help version 0.6.2 available for download.<br>
 This version is for Sunbird 0.2+ and Sunbird 0.3 only.
 See <a href="installation.html">Installation</a>.
 <li class="news">October 24, 2005:<br>
 Calendar Folders extension 0.3.
 See <a href="calfolder.html">Calendar Folders</a>.
 <li class="news">March 30, 2005:
 Experimental <a href="open.xul">online version</a> available.<br>
 (Only for Mozilla browsers.)
 <li class="news">October 4, 2004:  <li class="news">October 4, 2004:
 First project pages here at mozdev.org</li>  First project pages here at mozdev.org</li>
 </ul>  </ul>
 </div>  </div>
 <!-- not used...  
 <div class="infoTab" id="other-stuff">  <div class="infoTab" id="other-stuff">
<h5 class="infoHeader">Other Stuff</h5><h5 class="infoHeader">Schedule</h5>
 <ul>  <ul>
<li></li><li class="news">December 2005:<br>
 Further releases of English sixth draft
 for Sunbird 0.2+ test builds and Sunbird 0.3.<br>
 These releases will add new content for
 new features of Sunbird 0.3.
 </ul>  </ul>
 </div>  </div>
 </div>  </div>
Line 31  Help documentation for Mozilla Calendar Line 52  Help documentation for Mozilla Calendar
 </h3>  </h3>
 <p>  <p>
The CalendarHelp project aims to provide help documentationThe Calendar Help project aims to provide help documentation
 for end users of Mozilla Calendar:  for end users of Mozilla Calendar:
 <ul>  <ul>
 <li>In all Calendar versions (the extensions for  <li>In all Calendar versions (the extensions for
 <a href="http://www.mozilla.org/products/thunderbird/">Thunderbird</a>,  <a href="http://www.mozilla.org/products/thunderbird/">Thunderbird</a>,
 <a href="http://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/">Firefox</a> and  <a href="http://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/">Firefox</a> and
 <a href="http://www.mozilla.org/products/mozilla1.x/">Mozilla Application Suite</a>,  <a href="http://www.mozilla.org/products/mozilla1.x/">Mozilla Application Suite</a>,
and the standalone Sunbird)</li>and the standalone
<li>On all operating system platforms that Calendar runs on</li><a href="http://www.mozilla.org/projects/calendar/sunbird.html">Sunbird</a>
<li>In English and all Calendar's other languages</li>)</li>
 <li>On all operating system platforms that Calendar and Sunbrd run on</li>
 <li>In English and all Calendar and Sunbird's other languages</li>
 </ul>  </ul>
 </p>  </p>
<h4>How CalendarHelp works</h4><h4>How Calendar Help works</h4>
 <p>  <p>
You install CalendarHelp as an extension.You normally install Calendar Help as an extension.
When you are using your Calendar application, there is a new item in theIt is also available <a href="open.xul">online</a>, but the
Help menu: Help Contents.online version is experimental and it has some limitations.
 When you are using your Calendar application
 with the Calendar Help extension, there is a new item in the
 Help menu: Context Help.
 This item opens a separate help window that contains the help,  This item opens a separate help window that contains the help,
 with a table of contents, index, search facility and glossary.  with a table of contents, index, search facility and glossary.
 </p>  </p>
Line 61  and switches to the topic that describes Line 88  and switches to the topic that describes
 that has keyboard focus.  that has keyboard focus.
 </p>  </p>
<p><strong>Note: </strong><p>
Before you install CalendarHelp, F1 switches to the Day view.If you are working with a dialog, a Help button at the bottom of the dialog window
After you install CalendarHelp, F5 switches to the Day view.opens the help if it is not already open,
 and switches to the topic that describes the dialog.
 </p>  </p>
 <p>  <p>
 For a picture of the prototype, see the   For a picture of the prototype, see the 
 <a href="screenshots.html">screenshots</a> page.  <a href="screenshots.html">screenshots</a> page.
   Future versions will look a little different,
   because of changes in the help viewer.
 </p>  </p>
 <h4>Current status</h4>  <h4>Current status</h4>
 <p>  <p>
The current version of CalendarHelp is a prototype for SunbirdThe current version 0.5.1 of Calendar Help documents most of the user interface
with very little content.in Sunbird and Calendar extensions.
 It also contains information on customizing Calendar, on servers and on troubleshooting.
 A test version 0.6 of Calendar Help is available for nightly test builds of Sunbird 0.2+.
 These builds are not all stable, so they are not recommended for general use.
 Version 0.6 of Calendar Help does not completely document Sunbird 0.2+,
 but it will gradually improve as the content is reviewed and updated.
 <p><b>Note: &nbsp;</b>
 There is no relationship between the version numbers of Calendar Help,
 Sunbird, and the Calendar extension.
 The projects are not synchronized.
 </p>  </p>
 <p>  <p>
You can download and install this prototype to see what it looks like.To download and install Calendar Help, see the
For details, see the 
 <a href="http://calendarhelp.mozdev.org/installation.html">Installation</a> page.  <a href="http://calendarhelp.mozdev.org/installation.html">Installation</a> page.
 </p>  </p>
 <p>  <p>
If you are a Mozilla Calendar user looking for help with the application,You can find other information about Calendar in Mozilla Calendar's
then you have come to this CalendarHelp project too early.<a href="http://www.mozilla.org/projects/calendar/faq.html">FAQ</a>,
It will be some time before there is enough content here to make the help useful.in its <a href="news://news.mozilla.org/netscape.public.mozilla.calendar">newsgroup</a>
Meanwhile, you can find information in Mozilla Calendar'sand in its <a href="http://wiki.mozilla.org/Calendar:Home_Page">wiki</a>.
<a href="http://www.mozilla.org/projects/calendar/faq.html">FAQ</a> and</p>
in its <a href="news://news.mozilla.org/netscape.public.mozilla.calendar">newsgroup</a>.
 <h4>Calendar Help online</h4>
 The <a href="open.xul">online version</a> of Calendar Help is experimental.
 It might be moved to a different web server, or withdrawn completely.
 The online version is built from the same source text as the installable version.
 At times, the online version might contain more recent revisions than
 the installable version.
 However the online version is currently frozen while work progresses on
 version 0.6.
 The online version has some limitations:
 </p>  </p>
   <ul class="plain-list">
   <li>It only works in Mozilla browsers.</li>
   <li>It contains only the help for Windows versions, so Macintosh and Unix users might find it a little less easy to use..</li>
   <li>It combines the help for Sunbird and the help for Calendar extensions,
   so some topics are less easy to understand.</li>
   <li>It does not support the F1 key to go directly to a help topic related to a field in the user interface.</li>
 <h4>How you can help</h4>  <h4>How you can help</h4>
 <p>  <p>
 This project needs reviewers and translators.  This project needs reviewers and translators.
Line 113  For more information, see the Line 182  For more information, see the
 <a href="http://calendarhelp.mozdev.org/contribute.html">Join in</a> page.  <a href="http://calendarhelp.mozdev.org/contribute.html">Join in</a> page.
 </p>  </p>
<h4>Relationship to other projects</h4>
 <h4 id="license">License</h4>
 <div class="license"
  style="width:40em; border:2px inset #c00; padding:1em; margin-left:-1em; background-color:#f8f8f8;">
 <img src="http://opensource.org/trademarks/osi-certified/web/transparent/osi-certified-120x100-t.png"
  align="right" width="120" height="100" border="0"/>
 <strong>Calendar Help project, subprojects and web site</strong><br>
 Copyright &#169; 2004, 2005 Rod Whiteley<br>
 Licensed under the <a href="http://www.opensource.org/licenses/osl-2.1.php">Open Software License version 2.1</a><br>
 <a href="http://www.opensource.org/">OSI</a> Certified Open Source Software
 For source code, see <a href="source.html">Source code</a>.
 For developer documentation, see <a href="build.html">Build</a> and other
 pages on this site.
 <p>  <p>
The CalendarHelp project overlaps parts of Parts of Calendar Help's source code are copyright other authors and translators.
other proects, and it might conflict with them. 
But at this early stage, none of this is clear. 
 </p>  </p>
   Parts of Calendar Help's web site are owned and copyrighted by 
   the web site's hosting provider, <i>mozdev.org</i>, or by others, 
   and are separately licensed.
   Calendar Help is an explanatory review of the 
   <a href="http://www.mozilla.org/projects/calendar/">Mozilla Calendar</a>
   project, and quotes parts of it.
   Each installable version of Calendar Help provides a content pack for the 
   <a href="http://www.mozilla.org/projects/help-viewer/">Mozilla Help Viewer</a>.

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