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1.1       whiteley    1: <!-- MAIN CONTENT -->
                      2: <h3>
                      3: <img src="calhelp-small.png" style="vertical-align:middle;" width="48" height="48">
                      4: Help documentation for Mozilla Calendar
                      5: </h3>
                      7: <p>
                      8: The Calendar Help project aims to provide help documentation
                      9: for end users of Mozilla Calendar:
                     10: <ul>
                     11: <li>In all Calendar versions (the extensions for
                     12: <a href="">Thunderbird</a>,
                     13: <a href="">Firefox</a> and
                     14: <a href="">Mozilla Application Suite</a>,
                     15: and the standalone
                     16: <a href="">Sunbird</a>
                     17: )</li>
                     18: <li>On all operating system platforms that Calendar and Sunbrd run on</li>
                     19: <li>In English and all Calendar and Sunbird's other languages</li>
                     20: </ul>
                     21: </p>
                     23: <h4>How Calendar Help works</h4>
                     24: <p>
                     25: You normally install Calendar Help as an extension.
                     26: It is also available <a href="open.xul">online</a>, but the
                     27: online version is experimental and it has some limitations.
                     28: </p>
                     30: <p>
                     31: When you are using your Calendar application
                     32: with the Calendar Help extension, there is a new item in the
                     33: Help menu: Context Help.
                     34: This item opens a separate help window that contains the help,
                     35: with a table of contents, index, search facility and glossary.
                     36: </p>
                     38: <p>
                     39: The F1 key (or Help key) opens the help if it is not already open,
                     40: and switches to the topic that describes the element in the user interface
                     41: that has keyboard focus.
                     42: </p>
                     44: <p>
                     45: If you are working with a dialog, a Help button at the bottom of the dialog window
                     46: opens the help if it is not already open,
                     47: and switches to the topic that describes the dialog.
                     48: </p>
                     50: <p>
                     51: For a picture of the prototype, see the 
                     52: <a href="screenshots.html">screenshots</a> page.
                     53: Future versions will look a little different,
                     54: because of changes in the help viewer.
                     55: </p>
                     57: <h4>Current status</h4>
1.3     ! whiteley   58: <p style="border:1px solid #900; margin-left:-4px; padding:4px;">
        !            59: Calendar Help does not currently support Sunbird 0.3 alpha releases or Lightning.
        !            60: This support is planned for future versions.
        !            61: </p>
        !            62: 
1.1       whiteley   63: <p>
                     64: The current version 0.5.1 of Calendar Help documents most of the user interface
                     65: in Sunbird and Calendar extensions.
                     66: It also contains information on customizing Calendar, on servers and on troubleshooting.
                     67: </p>
                     69: <p>
                     70: A test version 0.6 of Calendar Help is available for nightly test builds of Sunbird 0.2+.
                     71: These builds are not all stable, so they are not recommended for general use.
                     72: Version 0.6 of Calendar Help does not completely document Sunbird 0.2+,
                     73: but it will gradually improve as the content is reviewed and updated.
                     74: </p>
                     76: <p><b>Note: &nbsp;</b>
                     77: There is no relationship between the version numbers of Calendar Help,
                     78: Sunbird, and the Calendar extension.
                     79: The projects are not synchronized.
                     80: </p>
                     82: <p>
                     83: To download and install Calendar Help, see the
                     84: <a href="">Installation</a> page.
                     85: </p>
                     87: <p>
                     88: You can find other information about Calendar in Mozilla Calendar's
                     89: <a href="">FAQ</a>,
                     90: in its <a href="news://">newsgroup</a>
                     91: and in its <a href="">wiki</a>.
                     92: </p>
                     95: <h4>Calendar Help online</h4>
                     96: <p>
                     97: The <a href="open.xul">online version</a> of Calendar Help is experimental.
                     98: It might be moved to a different web server, or withdrawn completely.
                     99: </p>
                    101: <p>
                    102: The online version is built from the same source text as the installable version.
                    103: At times, the online version might contain more recent revisions than
                    104: the installable version.
                    105: However the online version is currently frozen while work progresses on
                    106: version 0.6.
                    107: </p>
                    109: <p>
                    110: The online version has some limitations:
                    111: </p>
                    113: <ul class="plain-list">
                    114: <li>It only works in Mozilla browsers.</li>
                    115: <li>It contains only the help for Windows versions, so Macintosh and Unix users might find it a little less easy to use..</li>
                    116: <li>It combines the help for Sunbird and the help for Calendar extensions,
                    117: so some topics are less easy to understand.</li>
                    118: <li>It does not support the F1 key to go directly to a help topic related to a field in the user interface.</li>
                    119: </ul>
                    122: <h4>How you can help</h4>
                    123: <p>
                    124: This project needs reviewers and translators.
                    125: </p>
                    127: <p>
                    128: If you use Mozilla Calendar,
                    129: and if you have a good understanding of how it works,
                    130: then you can contribute to the project by reviewing one or more chapters.
                    131: For more information, see the
                    132: <a href="">Join in</a> page.
                    133: </p>
                    135: <p>
                    136: If you use Mozilla Calendar in another language, and if you can translate the English
                    137: help into your language, then you can contribute to the project by translating
                    138: one or more chapters.
                    139: For more information, see the
                    140: <a href="">Join in</a> page.
                    141: </p>

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