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<li><b>April 4th, 2006:</b> CalendarAdder 0.1 is now available for download! Check the Installation Section.</li>


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<li>Download Thunderbird <a href="">here!</a></li>
<li>Download Lightning <a href="">here!</a></li>

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<font color="#990000"><h1>Welcome to the world of CalendarAdder!</h1></font>
<font color="#990000"><h2>What is CalendarAdder?</h2></font>
CalendarAdder is a Carleton University Department of Systems and Computer Engineering project. It was created in September
of 2005 by Professor Babak Esfandiari and 4th year student Adam Raitanen. CalendarAdder is an extension for Mozilla
Thunderbird. It also requires Mozilla Lightning extension. When you receive an e-mail that has
meeting information, you can now right click on the selected e-mail and click on "Add To Calendar". CalendarAdder then
reads the e-mail, and extracts the Start and End date and time of the meeting, as well as the Sender, Subject and Location.
It then sends this information directly to a Lightning new event dialog. You can now make changes or simply click OK and have the
event added directly to your default calendar.

<font color="#990000"><h2>That sounds useful!</h2></font>
It sure is. As CalendarAdder evolves, it will become more and more accurate at determining what the exact meeting details are. 
You no longer have to risk making an error when recording a meeting in your computer based calendar. It will be inserted directly!
This will also save you time, by inputing values for you. 

<font color="#990000"><h2>I'm sold. Where do I get it?</h2></font>
Make sure you have Thunderbird and Lightning installed. Then click on Installation above, or click <a href="">here.</a>

<font color="#990000"><h2>I'm a developer and want to view the source code</h2></font>
Click on Source Code aboe, or click <a href="">here</a> for instructions
on accessing the CVS repository. Please note that source files are located in the "working/src" folder.


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