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0.3.2 release

<h2><a name="intro">What is Bugxula?</a></h2>

<p> Bugxula is a client for <a href="">Bugzilla</a>
installations. It aims to let you do everything you can do with the
current web-based interface to Bugzilla and more with a rich user
interface like that of a desktop or client-server application. </p>

<h2><a name="install">How do I get it?</a></h2>

<p> Make sure you are using Mozilla 1.0+, Netscape 7.0+, or
Mozilla Firebird (any version), then <a href="">install
the latest version of Bugxula</a> and restart your browser. If
nothing happens when you click on that link, and you are using Mozilla
or Netscape, make sure software installation is enabled in your
browser's preferences (Edit &gt; Preferences &gt; Advanced
&gt; Software Installation).

<h3>Versions and Change Log</h3>

If when you try to install the latest version, you get a 404 error then it has probably not made it onto the mirror yet - it could
take up to 24 hours from time of release. If its been longer than that, then please let me know.


Major changes in this version are that several of the menu items have been hooked up, and shortcut keys have been
added to most of them. I have also (after 2-3 days of work, over most of the length of this project) managed to work out
the problem with back/forward not working - so now they do (at least in a simple manner).

<p><a href="">
Install Bugxula 0.3.2 for Deer Park</a></p>


<p>Here's another new version for you to play with. I've fixed some major bugs,
such as all search results showing rather than the searched installation
and the look of the search dropdown. New features include an options dialog 
(at the moment you need to access it through Tools > Extensions) which allows you
to specify your own copies of bugzilla and the start of a proper menu structure - although
most of the menu items are not hooked up yet.</p>

<p><a href="">
Install Bugxula 0.3.1 for Deer Park</a></p>

<p>Please let me know what you think of it - what does it do well? What needs to be 
improved? Does anyone want a copy that works with Firefox 1.0? Send your emails
to the <a href="">mailing list</a></p>


Yes, I've finally managed to release a new version. At the moment it
only works in Deer Park (the development releases of Firefox), but
depending on my progress, what happens with Firefox and feedback to me
I may make it compatible with Firefox 1.0 as well.<br>


If you are running Deer Park, then you can <a href="">install
Bugxula 0.3 for Deer Park now</a>, if not then you'll need to be
patient until I manage to release a version for Firefox 1.0, or Firefox
1.5 is released. I know this release needs a lot of work doing to it,
but I'm trying. Please see the how can I help section - you could be
useful even if you are not a programmer.<br>

<span class=""></span>
<h4><span class="">Archived Versions</span></h4>

Myk Melez, the originator of the Bugxula project in 2003 made releases
on the following dates. Click on the date to install<br>

that version.<br>

<ul style="">

  <li> <a href="">2003-12-08</a></li>

  <li> <a href="">2003-11-21</a></li>

  <li> <a href="">2003-11-06</a></li>

  <li> <a href="">2003-06-20</a></li>

  <li> <a href="">2003-05-06</a></li>

  <li> <a href="">2003-04-12</a>
(first released version)</li>


<h2><a name="use">How do I use it?</a></h2>

<p> Select Tools &gt; Bugxula in your browser and bugxula
will open in a new window. To run a search on Bugzilla and retrieve
results, enter search criteria in the search toolbar on the top right
of the window and click the "Search" button. When your search is
complete, the bugs will be listed in a similar way to Thunderbird
listing emails.

<p> Select a bug entry from the search results pane to view that
bug report in the bottom-right ("bug report") pane of the interface. To
save a search, first run it, then click the "Save" button on the
toolbar and enter a name for it in the dialog box that appears. The
search name will appear in the left-hand ("saved searches") pane of the

<p> To retrieve a saved search, select it from the saved searches
pane. Note that the search will refresh its results if you have
restarted your browser since the last time you ran the search, but it
will not refresh its results more than once per session unless you
explicitly click the "Refresh" button, which causes the currently
selected search to run again on Bugzilla and retrieve fresh results.

<h2><a name="uninstall">How do I uninstall it?</a></h2>

Firefox has a built in uninstall feature in Tools &gt; Extension
<h2><a name="server">How do I use it with my own
Bugzilla installation?</a></h2>

<p> Read the <a href="server.html">server-side how

<h2><a name="help">How can I help?</a></h2>

<p> There are lots of ways you can help! First, if you find a
problem with Bugxula or a missing feature, <a href="">file
a bug/feature report about it</a> (look at <a href="bugs.html">existing
reports</a> and install the latest version first to make sure the
issue hasn't already been reported and/or resolved).

<p> Second, if there is something you want fixed in Bugxula, and
I'm not doing it, try to fix the issue yourself! Even if you don't have
full CVS access, you are able to view the source and if you email me
patches then I will check them in for you.

<p> The easiest way to test your changes is to install an
existing version of Bugxula, then move the <cite>bugxula/</cite>
directory which is in the <cite>chrome/</cite>
subdirectory of your profile directory out of the way and move the <cite>bugxula/src/bugxula/</cite>
directory you checked out from CVS into its place. After doing this,
make sure you don't install Bugxula in that profile again, since doing
so may overwrite your changes.</p>

<h3>Current Problems</h3>

These are my biggest problems at the moment, if you can solve them then
please let me know.<br>



  <li>Non-updating of window<br>

    <span style="font-style: italic;">You may notice that
when you do a search, the progress bar does not spin. That is because
the window is not repaining itself. Does anyone know why?</span></li>


    <span style="font-style: italic;">I'm always
interested in what people think of the software - does it work well, is
it easy to use, what one thing should be changed to improve it?</span></li>


<h2><a name="contact">How do I contact you?</a></h2>

If you have questions about Bugxula, email me on ian at ithomas dot
name, icq on 8895922 or aim/yahoo on thelem3

Many thanks to Myk Melez for starting the Bugxula project and providing
a solid foundation including changes to Bugzilla itself, to Google for
sponsoring Ian Thomas' work over the summer and to and for their assistance.

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