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<!-- ***************** INFO/NEWS *************** --><center>
<div id="infoTabs"><big>This project has permanently <a href="http://extensions.roachfiend.com/index.php#bugmenot">moved</a>.</big>
<div class="infoTab" id="versions"></center>
<h5 class="infoHeader">Versions</h5> 
<li>0.6 - 09/06/04</li> 
<li>0.5 - 08/12/04</li> 
<li>0.4 - 08/02/04</li> 
<li>0.3 - 06/01/04</li> 
<li>0.2 - 05/31/04</li> 
<li>0.1 - 05/26/04</li> 
<div class="infoTab" id="compatibility"> 
<h5 class="infoHeader">Compatibility</h5> 
<li>Firefox 0.8 - 1.0</li> 
<li>Firebird 0.7</li> 
<li>Mozilla 1.7b</li> 
<li>Mozilla 1.6</li> 
<li>Netscape 7.1</li> 
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<div class="infoTab" id="whats-new-image"> 
<h5 class="infoHeader"><img src="http://www.mozdev.org/sharedimages/whatsnew_top.gif" width="154" alt="What's New"></h5> 
<div class="infoItems"> 
<div>News item goes here</div> 
<div>More news item goes here</div> 
<div><a href="http://mozdev.org/">mozdev.org</a></div> 
<!-- ***************** INFO/NEWS *************** --> 
<!-- MAIN CONTENT --> 
<p><strong>BugMeNot</strong> is an extension that enables the user to bypass compulsory web site registration, i.e. the 
New York Times. Most users who try and read an article are linked to a splash site, where they are urged to register 
for their free account in order to view the content. The problem with mandatory registrations is that most people will 
enter false information to speed up the process, making this form of demographic surveying a moot point.</p> 
<p>The <a href="http://www.bugmenot.com">BugMeNot website</a> was created for people to bypass these sites with user created 
names and passwords. This extension simply links your current URL to their database via the right-click context menu.</p> 
<p>Updated: version 0.5 now will automatically fill in the web site's fields with the first username and password combination it finds, the BugMeNot popup will automatically close, and the information will be automatically submitted. If it isn't a valid combination, just right-click, select BugMeNot again, and this time, the window will stay open to ensure you get a valid combination. The script will still automatically transfer the information to the web site's fields and submit it after you close the pop-up window. You can change various settings in the extensions' options menu if you use Firefox. Mozilla and Netscape's auto-fill and auto-submit are on by default.</p> 
<p>Updated: version 0.6 - Additional server support has been added if the main database should fail in the future. BugMeNot grabs the information in the background now, so you shouldn't see any windows pop up. You can change various settings in the extensions' options menu if you use Firefox. Mozilla and Netscape's auto-fill and auto-submit are on by default.</p> 
<p><b><u>Important Change</u>: The context menu has been changed to now only show the BugMeNot option if you right-click in a username or password text field, to help cut down context menu bloat.</b></p> 
<p>BugMeNot is compatibile with Netscape 7.1, Mozilla versions 1.6 &amp; 1.7b, and Firefox 0.8 - 1.0. I developed this for Windows, so I have no idea how/if/why it works for Unix/os X/Amiga/TRS-80/whatever. If it does, great, if not, then I'm sorry. Use the bookmarklet at bugmenot.com instead.</p> 

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