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<P><STRONG><U>Plans for Future releases. </U></STRONG></P>
<P><STRONG>Some of the functionality 
that we plan&nbsp;to add&nbsp;to <FONT color=#0000ff><EM>BrowserG!</EM></FONT>         
  <LI>Allow customization of Favorite Bars.&nbsp;<FONT 
  color=#ff0000>[Work in Progress]</FONT>
  <LI>A&nbsp;more extensive Notes functionality.&nbsp;<FONT color=#ff0000>[Work 
  in Progress]</FONT>    
  <LI>A powerful download manager.&nbsp;<FONT 
  color=#ff0000>[Work in Progress]</FONT>     
  <LI>Provide better support Java Applets.&nbsp;<FONT 
  color=#ff0000>[Work in Progress]</FONT>
  <LI>Provide support for skins.&nbsp; Write up on how to set up&nbsp;different 
  look and feels.&nbsp; <FONT color=#ff0000>[Work in Progress]</FONT>
  <LI>A fully functional Web watch. 
  <LI>Use WebShots to change Wallpaper in BrowserG!. 
  <LI>Integrate Java(TM) Web Start Technology with BrowserG!. 
  <LI>Provide inbuilt XML extension capability. 
  <LI>Provide automatic support for PAD applications. 
  <LI>Make&nbsp;BrowerG! run on Linux platform. 
  <LI>Make&nbsp;BrowerG! run on&nbsp;MAC platforms.</LI></UL>
<P>We plan to add the above functionlaity, however if you have a need for 
something not in this list or feel that you would love to have sooner, email us 
at: <A href=""></A>&nbsp; We will 
try and change the priority if possible.</P>
<P><STRONG>Some of the functionality that has been recently 
moved&nbsp;to <FONT color=#ff0000>[Done]</FONT> status.</STRONG></P>
  <LI>Provide support for plugins in BrowserG!.&nbsp; Write web page describing 
  installation of plugins. <FONT color=#ff0000>[Done]</FONT> </LI></UL>
<P>If you would like&nbsp;to suggest some functionality 
that is dear to you-drop us an email at:&nbsp; <A 

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