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Thu Jun 27 14:52:15 2002 UTC (16 years, 10 months ago) by jeet
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Corresponding to release of BrowserG! 1.03 beta

    1: <P><FONT size=2><IMG height=15 alt="" 
    2: src="" width=15 border=0><FONT 
    3: face=Verdana>&nbsp;</FONT></FONT><STRONG><U><FONT face=Verdana>Download <STRONG><EM><FONT 
    4: color=#0000ff>BrowserG!</FONT></EM></STRONG>     
    5: beta 1.03</FONT></U></STRONG><STRONG><U></P>
    6: <UL>
    7:   <LI type=disc><FONT size=2><A 
    8:   href="installation_win.html"><EM>BrowserG!</EM>  
    9:   for Windows</A></FONT> 
   10:   <LI type=disc><FONT size=2><A 
   11:   href="installation_unix.html"><EM>BrowserG!</EM>   
   12:   for Linux</A></FONT> </U></STRONG> </LI></UL>
   13: <P align=left><STRONG><U><FONT face=Verdana>New Features</FONT></U></STRONG></P>
   14: <P><STRONG><FONT 
   15: face=Verdana>Functionality       
   16: added to&nbsp;this release of&nbsp; <FONT color=#0000ff><EM>BrowserG!</EM></FONT>:</FONT> 
   18: </STRONG></P>
   19: <UL>
   20:   <LI>    Users can now configure links in Favorite toolbars to 
   21:   their choice of websites.&nbsp;&nbsp; This can be accessed by clicking    on the "Edit Favorate Button" option from wither NetStart 
   22:   or "Customize" menu option.
   23:   <LI>Added *new* Calculator with ticker tape.
   24:   <LI>Added calculator to Favorite toolbars to quickly find calculator when 
   25:   shopping. 
   26:   <LI>Changed "Manager Setup" to Customize menu option under NetStart and Menu.
   27:   <LI>*New* look&nbsp;to the sidebar.&nbsp; Added functionality for users to be 
   28:   able to read <STRONG>complete</STRONG>      
   32:    url's in Flags and History 
   33:   with a single click or drag.
   34:   <LI>Upgraded to jdk1.3.1 with install from jdk 
   35:   1.3.0_03.</LI></UL>
   36: <P>We plan to add the above functionlaity, however if you have a need for 
   37: something not in this list or feel that you would love to have sooner, email us 
   38: at: <A href=""></A>&nbsp; We will 
   39: try and change the priority if possible.</P>

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