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Fri Mar 8 18:24:49 2002 UTC (17 years, 1 month ago) by jeet
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CVS tags: HEAD
BrowserG! 1.02 for Windows and Linux

Fixed Groups bug.
Fixed bug with WebTop resizing.
Embedded search, shop and clear functionality. Cool!
Enhanced Shop and Search functionality -added availability of coupons while in shopping mode and various search engines while search mode.
Support of drag and drop to downloads links, gifs, exe's and very minimal integration with current download manager.  Work in progress.
Upgraded to jdk1.3.1 with install from jdk 1.3.0_01.
Included Mozilla 0.9.2 only (no additional components: mail, newsgroups, etc) with BrowserG!

    2: <P><FONT size=2><IMG height=15 alt="" 
    3: src="images/star.gif" width=15 border=0><FONT 
    4: face=Verdana>&nbsp;</FONT></FONT><STRONG><U><FONT face=Verdana>Download <STRONG><EM><FONT 
    5: color=#0000ff>BrowserG!</FONT></EM></STRONG>     
    6: beta 1.02</FONT></U></STRONG><STRONG><U></P>
    7: <UL>
    8:   <LI type=disc><FONT size=2><A 
    9:   href="installation_win.html"><EM>BrowserG!</EM>  
   10:   for Windows</A></FONT> 
   11:   <LI type=disc><FONT size=2><A 
   12:   href="installation_unix.html"><EM>BrowserG!</EM>   
   13:   for Linux</A></FONT> </U></STRONG> </LI></UL>
   14: <P align=left><STRONG><U><FONT face=Verdana>New Features</FONT></U></STRONG></P>
   15: <P><STRONG><FONT 
   16: face=Verdana>Functionality       
   17: added to&nbsp;this release of&nbsp; <FONT color=#0000ff><EM>BrowserG!</EM></FONT>:</FONT> 
   19: </STRONG></P>
   20: <UL>
   21:   <LI>    Fixed Groups 
   22:   bug.
   23:   <LI>      
   25:          Fixed bug with WebTop 
   26:   resizing.     
   27:   <LI>Embedded search, shop and clear functionality. Cool!
   28:   <LI>Enhanced&nbsp;Shop and Search functionality 
   29:   -added&nbsp;availability of coupons while in shopping mode&nbsp;and 
   30:   various&nbsp;search engines while search mode.
   31:   <LI>Support of drag and drop&nbsp;to 
   32:   downloads&nbsp;links, gifs, exe's&nbsp;and&nbsp;very minimal integration with 
   33:   current download manager.&nbsp; Work in progress.
   34:   <LI>Upgraded to jdk1.3.1 with install from jdk 1.3.0_01.
   35:   <LI>Included Mozilla 0.9.2 only (no additional components: 
   36:   mail,&nbsp;newsgroups, etc) with BrowserG!</LI></UL>
   37: <P>We plan to add the above functionlaity, however if you have a need for 
   38: something not in this list or feel that you would love to have sooner, email us 
   39: at: <A href=""></A>&nbsp; We will 
   40: try and change the priority if possible.</P>

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