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<P align=center><STRONG>WebClient: Technology behind BrowserG!</STRONG></P>
<P>WebClient provides a browser-neutral Java API that enables generic web 
browsing capability.&nbsp; <STRONG><EM><FONT 
color=#0000ff>BrowserG!</FONT></EM></STRONG> is based on&nbsp;WebClient1.1 
and can be considered the most extensive known example of the WebClient 
technology in java/jfc.&nbsp; This section is targeted 
towards users who would like to know more about WebClient and get 
involved. </P>
<P>If you would like to read more about the technology you can go to the following&nbsp;<A 
href="">WebClient&nbsp;</A>&nbsp;page.&nbsp; You&nbsp;should 
also&nbsp;keep&nbsp;an eye on the&nbsp;<A 
href="">current releases 
href=""></A></A>of WebClient.&nbsp; Also, have a&nbsp;look at the&nbsp; <A 
      href="WebClientPages/Functionality.htm">WebClient 1.1 vs WebClient 1.0</A>&nbsp;page to see the different functionality 
<P>If you would like to embed Mozilla in a C++, Visual Basic&nbsp;environment, I 
would suggest looking at the following link.&nbsp; <A 
      Here is another <A href="">interesting 
      page </A>&nbsp;describing&nbsp;JNI 
      technology that can be used to embed native browsers in java.</P>
<P>We can contribute the WebClient/Mozilla community 
      in the following&nbsp;areas.</P>
<P><STRONG>  1. Building WebClient..</STRONG></P>
<P>Building WebClient with a particular release of Mozilla doesn't seem to be 
straight forward.&nbsp; If you have a better way or find something wrong with 
the procedures mentioned on the WebClient site, send us an email at <A 
href="" ></A>&nbsp;and we will share 
it with our users.</P>
<P><STRONG>2. Reporting WebClient bugs..</STRONG></P>
<UL><P><STRONG>For the complete list</STRONG>, follow <A 
bugzilla link,</A> or go to bugzilla's query page at <A 
and query for all bugs on the component "Java APIs to WebShell". </P>
<P><STRONG>To report WebClient bugs</STRONG>, go to <A 
<P><STRONG>3. Sending your questions to the proper channels..</STRONG></P>
<ul><P><B>Join the discussion</B> on the 
<CODE><B></B></CODE> and 
          newsgroups.&nbsp; This is 
a good resource to ask questions and look through past messages 
to find them.&nbsp;&nbsp;Unfortunately, the&nbsp;above newsgroups are not meant for 
WebClient only, so it becomes difficult to talk to only concentrated WebClient 
<P><STRONG>Join BrowserG! mailing list.</STRONG>  &nbsp; Being the&nbsp;most extensive, public 
  example on integrating with Mozilla through WebClient,&nbsp;we&nbsp;are 
  starting&nbsp;a&nbsp; <A><A href="">mailing 
       &nbsp;dedicated for&nbsp;the 
WebClient community.&nbsp; We encourage you&nbsp;to 
send&nbsp;your emails&nbsp;about&nbsp;WebClient&nbsp;problems and&nbsp;discuss&nbsp;them&nbsp;with the BrowserG! 
community and the&nbsp;fellow WebClient users.</P></ul>
  <P><STRONG>Note:</STRONG> It is a good idea&nbsp;to look through the past 
  messages before posting your question to either of these channels.&nbsp; You 
  can most of the time find your answer faster this way.</P>
<P><STRONG>4. Sharing WebClient User Feedback..</STRONG></P>
<P>We will adding notes and user input on WebClient releases when available via 
differnet channels.&nbsp; If you have some feedback, email it to the <A 
href="" ></A>    
      mailing list.&nbsp; It will be reviewed 
and&nbsp;will be posted for other users if useful.</P>

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