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<h4 class="page-header"><a id="installation" name="installation">Version 0.1</a></h4>

<li><a href="">Browse Images 0.1</a></li>
<li><a href="">Browse Images 0.1 with mouse gestures</a></li>
<p>Both versions work in Firefox and in the Mozilla Suite. Only the keyboard shortcuts do not work in the Suite, I don't know why, sorry.</p> 

<p><h5>IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR TABBED BROWSING USERS</h5> <p>Please notice that there
   is one big bug with Browse Images 0.1 beta if you use <b>tabs</b>: If you 
   change between tabs of one window, the image lists will be lost. That means
   that you cannot go anymore with the extension's funtion to the next or
   previous picture, you have to use the back function of the browser then. I'm 
   trying to fix that. Please be patient.</p>
<p><h5>Problems with mouse gestures</h5> 
<p>In the version with mouse gestures you can go to the next image by holding down
the left button and right clicking and to the previous image by holding down the
right button and left clicking. But sometimes after you used a gesture the
gesture action is also performed by a click without holding down a button. This
is quite nerving if you just want to save the image using the right click
context menu but the browser opens the next image. You have to left click in
order to get back the normal behavior. <br> It also may conflict with
gesture extension you have installed. I've not tested that but it would surprise
me if there are no conflicts. So the standard version is without mouse gestures.</p>

<h3 <u>Description from Index Page</u></h3>

<p>This extension for Firefox and the Mozilla Suite provides features for browsing image galleries. In opposite to other extensions Browse Images does not increment
or decrement the URIs but checks all links of a page whether they refer to an image. So it works also for example with a gallery containing
links to <code>pic01.jpg</code>, <code>pic16.jpg</code>, <code>car.jpg</code>, <code>tree.jpg</code> and so on.</p> 

<p>The image links are added to an list which you can access 
by an icon in the statusbar. To cycle through that list you can use two new entries in the Go menu and in the context menu.</p> 

<p>There are also some keyboard shortcuts to do this: <code>Alt + Shift + Right Arrow</code> for the next image, <code>Alt + Shift + Left Arrow</code> for the
previous image. If the standard forward or back function ist not available, you can also use <code>Alt + Right Arrow</code> to go to the 
next image or <code>Alt + Left Arrow</code> for the previous image.</p>

<p>Alternatively you can use <code>Alt + Shift + Right Click</code> to go to the next image and <code>Alt + Shift + Left Click</code> to
go to the previous image. At an image from the image list you need only one of the modifier keys <code>Alt</code> and <code>Shift</code> to
go the desired image. </p> 

<p>There is also a version of Browse Image with mouse gestures: Hold down the left button and click with the right one to go to next image and
vice versa for the previous image. But these gestures are quite buggy at the moment and may conflict with gesture extension, so the standard
version of Browse Image is without gestures. For more information about the gesture problems see the 
<a href="installation.html">installation</a> page. </p>

<p>See on the <a href="screenshots.html">screenshots page</a> how Browse Images integrates in the GUI and try it at the 
<a href="testpage.html">Testpage</a>.</p>

<p>Have fun!</p>


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