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<h1>The Browse Images project </h1>

<p>This extension for Firefox provides features for browsing image galleries. In opposite to other extensions Browse Images does not increment
or decrement the URIs but checks all links of a page whether they refer to an image. So it works also for example with a gallery containing
links to <code>pic01.jpg</code>, <code>pic16.jpg</code>, <code>car.jpg</code>, <code>tree.jpg</code> and so on.</p> 

<p>The image links are added to an list which you can access 
by an icon in the statusbar. To cycle through that list you can use the normal forward and back button and so the <b>forward and back button of your mouse</b>, opera-like! Alternativley you can still use two new entries in the Go menu and in the context menu.</p> 

<p>There are also some keyboard shortcuts to do this: <code>Alt + Shift + Right Arrow</code> for the next image, <code>Alt + Shift + Left Arrow</code> for the
previous image. If the standard forward or back function ist not available, you can also use <code>Alt + Right Arrow</code> to go to the 
next image or <code>Alt + Left Arrow</code> for the previous image.</p>

<p style="color:red">You find the current version at <a href=""></a>. This site here isn't anymore updated regulary. </p>

<p>After installing the extension you can try it at the <a href="testpage.html">Testpage</a>.</p>

<p>Have fun! :-)</p>

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