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<script language="JavaScript">
 function deObfuscate(email) {

  //Obfuscate the e-mail address to prevent spam
  var emailaddress
  emailaddress = email.replace('<add-sign>', '@')
  emailaddress = emailaddress.replace(/[|]+/g,'')
  window.location.href='mailto:' + emailaddress


    <p id="mozdev-feedback">
    For questions or comments about this project, please send a message to 
    <a href="javascript:deObfuscate('brian<add-sign>m|o|z|d|e|v|.|o|r|g')">Brian</a>
    <p id="mozdev-feedback">
    print "For questions or comments about $project, please send a message to the \n";
    print "<a href=\"$project\">$project mailing list</a>.<br>\n";
    ?> -->
    <!-- For general site related questions or comments, -->
<!--    For questions or comments <em>not</em> about a specific project,
    please read our <a href="">feedback</a> page.<br>    
    This page was last updated on <?php print LAST_MODIFIED; ?>.<br>
    <a href="">Copyright</a> &copy; <?php print YEAR; ?>. All rights reserved.

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