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Announce 0.1 Release

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<li>[2005-10-03] Bookwyrm 0.1 released</li>
<li>[2005-09-10] Bookwyrm 0.1 alpha released</li>
<li>[2005-09-06] Bookwyrm Project Accepted on MozDev</li>

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<li><a href="">Bookwyrm Homepage</a></li>
<li><a href=""><acronym title="Interactive Fiction Metadata Initiative">IFMI</acronym></a></li>
<li><a href="">ifWiki</a></li>

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<p>Bookwyrm is an Interactive Fiction collection manager. When complete, 
it will allow browsing and download of large online game repositories, 
and a universal intepreter that can play any of the major virtual machine based
game formats.</p>

<p>Bookwyrm uses game databases stored in RDF format, utilizing the
vocabularies provided by the <a 
href="">Interactive Fiction Metadata Initiative</a>.
Planned features include the ability to crawl online RDF datawebs, making Bookwyrm
something of a Semantic Web application.</p>

<p>Development will follow three general stages:</p>
    <li>A Firefox extension, providing the basic features of cataloguing
    and launching games, but depending on external interpreters to run them.</li>
    <li>A standalone application, essentially a migration from Firefox to XULRunner
    when the latter reaches production level deployment. (And more to the point,
    when XULRunner has something resembling useful developer documentation.)</li>
    <li>Completion of remaining features, including the framework for internal 
    plug-in interpreters.</li>
<p>Stage 1 is already well underway. Releases available on the 
<a href="installation.html">installation</a> page.</p>

<p>For more information on Interactive Fiction in general, see the <a
href="">if Wiki</a>.</p>

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