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Added info to the index page explaining why there hasn't been much progress lately.

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<li>[2005-10-03] Bookwyrm 0.1 released</li>
<li>[2005-09-10] Bookwyrm 0.1 alpha released</li>
<li>[2005-09-06] Bookwyrm Project Accepted on MozDev</li>

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<li><a href="">Bookwyrm Homepage</a></li>
<li><a href=""><acronym title="Interactive Fiction Metadata Initiative">IFMI</acronym></a></li>
<li><a href="">ifWiki</a></li>

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<p>Bookwyrm is an Interactive Fiction collection manager. When complete, 
it will allow browsing and download of large online game repositories, 
and a universal intepreter that can play any of the major virtual machine based
game formats.</p>

<p>Bookwyrm uses game databases stored in RDF format, utilizing the
vocabularies provided by the <a 
href="">Interactive Fiction Metadata Initiative</a>.
Planned features include the ability to crawl online RDF datawebs, making Bookwyrm
something of a Semantic Web application.</p>

<p>Development will follow three general stages:</p>
    <li>A Firefox extension, providing the basic features of cataloguing
    and launching games, but depending on external interpreters to run them.</li>
    <li>A standalone application, essentially a migration from Firefox to XULRunner
    when the latter reaches production level deployment. (And more to the point,
    when XULRunner has something resembling useful developer documentation.)</li>
    <li>Completion of remaining features, including the framework for internal 
    plug-in interpreters.</li>
<p>Stage 1 is already well underway. Releases available on the 
<a href="installation.html">installation</a> page.</p>

<p><strong>Project Status (2006-11-28)</strong></p>
<p>Work is being held up by four factors:</p>
    <li>The Treaty of Babel has essentially murdered our attempt to get RDF 
    metadata included with every IF game. The IFmd metadata specified in the
    treaty is utterly inadequate to Bookwyrm's needs, and always will be, 
    no matter what extensions are introduced.</li>
    <li>The need for a major redesign of the application, using custom RDF 
    datasources instead of the generic ones built into the Mozilla platform.</li>
    <li>The discovery that Mozilla's RDF implementation is no where near 
    standards-compliant. It's becoming increasingly difficult to work around
    the unimplemented and incorrectly implemented features.</li>
    <li>The possibility that RDF support will soon vanish from the Mozilla
    platform altogether. This would necessitate moving Bookwyrm to a different
<p>I am not planning to abandon Bookwyrm, but all these difficulties and
uncertainties have made me more inclined to work on other things as of late.</p>

<p>For more information on Interactive Fiction in general, see the <a
href="">if Wiki</a>.</p>

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