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    Bookwyrm is released under the Mozilla Tri-License, meaning it can be
used under the terms of the MPL, GPL, or LGPL. The default is MPL, which is
also the most flexible of the three licenses. See MPL-1.1.html or
<> for more information.


    To build Bookwyrm, just run make from the same directory as this file.
There is no need for a configure script, because Bookwyrm is a platform-
independant XUL application.
    After running make, a file like bookwyrm_0.2.0.0-dragonforge.xpi will be
placed in the top level folder. This is the installation file, it can be
installed in Firefox as an extension or XULRunner as an application. There
is currently no target for 'make install', this feature may be added in the
    The file config.make is a special makefile that can be used to adjust 
the build parameters. It defines the application name, the package name, the
version number, and the vendor tag. If you distribute an altered version of
the application, please change at least the vendor tag. Visible branding
within the user interface is not affected, only the internal registration
data. config.make also allows you to limit the locales and skins included in 
the build, which reduces the size of the XPI.


    Once you've built the XPI, install it like any other Firefox extension
or XULRunner application. For Firefox, this simply means dragging the XPI 
onto the extension manager window (you may need to run Firefox with 
administrator priveledges to do this). XULRunner does not yet have a fully-
functional installation system, please refer to 
<> for more information.


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