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<H2>Book Text Mark</H2>

<p>I read plenty of books on the web in a browser and it gets difficult to remember the exact line where I left off.  Now this extension will help me with that problem.
Simply right click (or use Bookmarks item in the browser's menu bar) and set a Book Text Mark.  Later you can scroll to that mark (again use the same menu options,) you can navigate to one of the marks in the list.
The extension is already usable in its current form (version 0.0.4)  The code is quite simple.  Try it out.


<p><a href="notes.html">Here</a> you can add your comments, ask me questions.  I will monitor the activity in the forum
so please, do not abuse, or the forum will have to be deactivated.  No ads please, no excessive swearing, no offtopic discussions.


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