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		  <h5 class="infoHeader">booksync versions</h5>
		  Here is a list of the actual booksync versions:
			  <li><a href="">dblclick for u/d</a> (<a href="#v1">i</a>)</li>
			  <li><a href="">auto u/d</a> (<a href="#v2">i</a>)</li>
			  <li><a href="">Daniel's verison</a> (<a href="#v3">i</a>)</li>
			  <li><a href="">js version</a> (<a href="#v4">i</a>)</li>

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		  <li><a href="">BookSync.bat</a></li>
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<p><strong>Welcome on the BookSync project page.</strong></p>
<p>there are a few really cool projects currently going on dealing with bookmarks,
but none of them really suite my needs.<br>
i have a computer at work, and one at home, and what i need is something wich permits
me to share my bookmarks between those two computers.<br>
i don't own a box wich can always be online, so i can't really use
<a href="">Bookie</a> (Advanced bookmark management database),
and since <a href="">perl</a> is not installed on windows by default,
and i don't want to download it just to use <a href="">wwwampire</a>,
i have to dismiss this project also.<br>
so if you use linux, the above project is a valid alternative.<br>
for the windows users out there, like me, i wrote this little batch file to down/upload my
bookmarks from my free ftp server.<br>
so when i add/remove/edit my bookmarks at home, i can upload my bookmarks with a click,
and download them with a click when i return to my office (or the other way around).</p>
<p>if i get some feedback and i see the people out there likes simple and easy stuff like
this, it will probably get some more features, or be ported to bash.</p>
<a name="v2"></a><p>
<strong>20030517 - Update</strong><br>
<a href="">comment #5</a> raises a very good point:
why have to click to up/download my bookmarks?<br>
so <a href="booksync2.bat">here</a> is v2 of the booksync script:<br>
it's just the same script, but with a little change: it downloads your bookmarks when you
open mozilla, and uploads them when you close it.<br>
to use it, all you have to do is download it and read the instructions in the file.<br>
v1 is of course still <a href="booksync.bat">available</a> for those who prefer the "one-click" thing.
<strong>20030521 - Update</strong><br>
fixed the issues mentioned by Eule in <a href="">comment #6</a>.
<a name="v3"></a><p>
<strong>20031115 - Update - New booksync version by Daniel Yuan-Chih Lin</strong><br>
today i received a mail from <a href="">Daniel</a> with a new version of the
script. i think it's really cool that people likes what i did and improves it (or rewrites it
for another purpose), and that's the spirit of the whole thing. i can't really express my happyness
(my bad english :), but the feedback on this page, and Daniels mail today make me really feel happy.<br>
tnx Daniel and anybody else sending feedbeck on this page!<br>
c&p of his mail:<br><br>

<table border="1" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style="border-collapse: collapse" bordercolor="#111111" width="80%">
	<tr><td width="100%" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
		<p align="left">
			Hi, I like your booksync's idea.<br>
			I fixed following problems.<br>
			Here is my version wish you could share with other guys.<br>
			<li>1. using the mozilla firebird</li>
			<li>2. won't copy zero size bookmarks.html when forget upload bookmarks to ftp at first</li>
			<li>3. auto upload bookmarks to ftp after first run the booksync3</li>
			<li>4. require windows xp ( which has the && syntax and findstr command )</li>
			<li>5. clear unused variable at the batch file end</li>
			<li>6. reduce environment size</li>
and <a href="booksync3.bat">here</a> is his version. i did't test it yet, so if you find some problems
just mail them <a href="">Daniel</a> or use the form below.<br>


<a name="v4"></a><p>
<strong>20031203 - Update - New booksync version (take 4 :) by Michael Williamson</strong><br>
<a href="">Michael</a> sent in today <a href="">this</a> js version of booksync with
a few new and cool improvements he made:<br>
c&p of his mail:<br><br>

<table border="1" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style="border-collapse: collapse" bordercolor="#111111" width="80%">
	<tr><td width="100%" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
		<p align="left">
			I loved your booksync idea, but I was bugged by the 'extra' window.  So<br>
			I wrote a WSH version of it and added some features.<br><br>

			What's new:<br>
			1) Will execute without the extra window or task bar icon.<br>
			2) Will also upload user.js and cookperm.txt (local user preferences so<br>
			you don't have to keep setting them up on a new Mozilla and the "banned"<br>
			cookie sites)<br>
			3) arguments for only upload. (just in case :))<br>
			4) arguments for upload/download without launching Mozilla.<br><br>

			Windows platform running Windows Scripting Host (Windows 2000 and XP by<br>
			default.  Can be downloaded for other platforms)<br><br>

			Lots.  See the comment in the script for details.<br>
			Need to add some of the recent error checking for Booksync3<br><br>

			Let me know if you have any questions.<br><br>

			Michael Williamson<br>
his booksync version can be found <a href="">here</a>.<br>
for any questions just ask <a href="">Michael</a>, (i'm sure he welcoms any feedback) or use the form below.<br>


<a name="v1"></a><p><strong>Installation (v1) is easy:</strong></p>
<li>backup your bookmarks file. it's located in a folder called something like<br>
C:\Documents and Settings\&lt;user&gt;\Application Data\Mozilla\Profiles\default\upmgqcl8.slt</li>
<li><a href="booksync.bat">download</a> the batch file and put it somewhere on your disk (sounds obvious, i know :)</li>
<li>upload your bookmarks file to an ftp server.</li>
<li>edit the first part of the file: there are some variables to set.</li>
<li>create two shortcuts to the bat file on your desktop, call the first "upload", and the second "download".</li>
<li>right click the "upload" shortcut, select "Properties", and put "up" at the end of the destination textbox.<br>
ex. if you downloaded booksync.bat to C:\Program Files\\Mozilla\boksync.bat, the text in the Destination textbox should be
C:\Program Files\\Mozilla\boksync.bat up.</li>
<li>you are done!</li>
<p><strong>remember to backup your bookmarks file before you use the script!</strong></p>

<a href="">about me</a> <small>(german & italian)</small>
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