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Sun Jun 13 16:43:27 2004 UTC (14 years, 6 months ago) by simon
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<strong>20040223 - Georg got rid of the command-window</strong><br>
<a href="">Georg Dembowski</a> sent in yesterday his hack of the script (actually he wrote a whole 
lot of code, that must have been a lot of work!), with the ability to close the 
command window while mozilla is open, and a few additional features.<br>
just <a href="booksync4RC.bat">download</a> his version, and read the comments, it's 
all very well documented.<br><br>
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			Changes include:<br>
			 <li>added variant b which allows to close the command window with requiring only one icon</li>
			 <li>added some hopefully helpful error messages for runtime</li>
			 <li>added some basic documentation into the BAT itself</li>
			 <li>includes the enhancements of BAT v3 "20031115 - Update - New booksync version by Daniel Yuan-Chih Lin"</li>
			 <li>includes the proposal of Comment "[8] Submitted by:  Brodie Tuesday May 20th 2003" concerning cygwin</li>
			 <li>changed some var names so they won't interfere so easily with other app's vars</li>
			 <li>removed angles brackets for default ftp infos thus avoiding a "syntax error" message if user forgot to change the delimerters as well (has been confusing for some)</li>
			 <li>works not only under WinXP like BAT v3</li>
			 <li>comments [1] until [41] at were considered</li>
<a href="">Feedbak</a> is like always welcome.<br>
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