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  .broken { color: red; }
  .fixed { color: blue; }


<p>This page contains a list of corrections to be made in the next printing of
the book.  If you have suggestions for changes or find errors in the text,
feel free open a <a href="bugs.html">bug</a> with a report of the problem, post a message in the User Notes 
section on the chapter pages, or send a message to the <a
href=""></a> mailing list.

<p><b>Note:</b> All errors in the text and examples are shown in <b class="broken">red</b> and all corrections are shown in <b

<a name="preface"></a>


<li>On page ix: '<b class="broken">other browsers such as Galeon and Chimera</b>' has been changed to '<b class="fixed">other browsers 
such as Galeon and Camino</b>'<br><br>

<li>On page xiv: '<b class="broken"></b>' has been changed
to '<b class="fixed"></b>'<br><br>

<li>On page xvii: '<b class="broken">David McNamara, and Mark Hammond</b>' has been changed to '<b class="fixed">David 
McNamara, Mark Hammond, Gary Frederick, and Andreas Halter</b>'<br><br>

<li>On page xvii: '<b class="broken">David Hyatt and Mike Pinkerton for the Chimera browser</b>' has been changed to '<b
class="fixed">David Hyatt and Mike Pinkerton for the Camino browser</b>'<br><br>

<li>On page xvii: '<b class="broken">including Kim Steckler, Rachel Oeschger, and Priscilla, Dylan, and Devon Collins</b>' has been
changed to '<b class="fixed">including Kim Steckler, Rachel Oeschger, Marjana Molan, Lia Molan King, and Priscilla, Dylan, and Devon


<a name="ch1"></a>
<p><b>Chapter 1</b>


<li>On page 2: In sidebar '<b class="broken">like Chimera (an ultra-fast browser that works only on Mac OS X)</b>' has been changed to 
'<b class="fixed">like Camino (an ultra-fast browser that works only on Mac OS X)</b>'<br><br>

<li>On page 7: In sidebar '<b class="broken">Another project, call m/b (short for mozilla/browser), addresses shortcomings</b>' has
been changed to '<b class="fixed">The Phoenix project ( also addresses

<li>On page 7: In sidebar '<b class="broken">Some examples include Chimera (</b>' has been changed to '<b 
class="fixed">Some examples include Camino (</b>'<br><br>

<li>On page 7: '<b class="broken">applications web built using XPFE</b>' has been
changed to '<b class="fixed">applications built using XPFE</b>'<br><br>


<a name="ch2"></a>
<p><b>Chapter 2</b>


<li>On page 10: Added a new sentence to the end of the 2nd paragraph of the xFly examples sidebar: '<b class="fixed">An installable version
of the complete xFly application can be found at</b>'<br><br>

<li>On page 12: '<b class="broken">&lt;window
/&gt;</b>' has been changed to '<b class="fixed">&lt;window

<li>On page 14: In first code sample from Windows features section, '<b
class="broken">xmlns=""&gt;</b>' has been changed to '<b

<li>On page 17: '<b class="broken">selecting File > Open File > from</b>' has been
changed to '<b class="fixed">selecting File > Open File from</b>'<br><br>

<li>On page 20: '<b class="broken">CenterWindoOnScreen( ) function</b>' has been changed
to '<b class="fixed">CenterWindowOnScreen( ) function</b>'<br><br>

<li>On page 25: '<b class="broken">Under that directory, create the three new directories, <i>content</i>, <i>locale</i>, and <i>skin</i>, as
shown in Figure 2-5.</b>' has been changed to '<b class="fixed">Under that directory, create the three new directories, <i>content</i>,
<i>locale</i>, and <i>skin</i>, as shown in Figure 2-5. The <i>locale</i> directory will have the default 'en-US' language pack

<li>On page 31: In Example 2-14 '<b class="broken">locale/</b>' has been changed to '<b class="fixed">locale/en-US/</b>'<br><br>

<li>On page 32: In Example 2-15 '<b class="broken">locale,install,url,resource:/chrome/xfly/locale/</b>' has been changed to '<b


<a name="ch3"></a>
<p><b>Chapter 3</b>


<li>On page 34: '<b class="broken">We've packed a lot information in this chapter and it be a useful reference</b>' has been changed
to '<b class="fixed">We've packed a lot of information in this chapter and it will be a useful reference</b>'<br><br>

<li>On page 35: '<b class="broken">secondLevelNodes[I] = docEl.childNodes[i];</b>' has been changed to '<b 
class="fixed">secondLevelNodes[I] = docEl.childNodes[I];</b>'<br><br>

<li>On page 38: In Example 3-3 the namespace declarations have been changed to (note the addition of quotes and the removal of italics)

<xmp class="fixed">

<li>On page 38: In Example 3-3 '<b class="broken">&lt;image src="page1.png"&gt;</b>' has been changed to '<b class="fixed">&lt;image 

<li>On page 40: '<b class="broken">&lt;toolbarbutton id="printBtn" label="Open"
oncommand="doPrint( );" /&gt</b>' has been changed to '<b class="fixed">&lt;toolbarbutton
id="printBtn" label="Print" oncommand="doPrint( );" &gt</b>'<br><br>

<li>On page 51: '<b class="broken">&lt;decription&gt;The site [...] your own development project&lt;/decription&gt;</b>' has been 
changed to '<b class="fixed">&lt;description&gt;The site [...] your own development project&lt;/description&gt;</b>'<br><br>

<li>On pages 58 and 59: Example 3-15 has been changed to (note the addition of spaces to seperate values)

<xmp class="fixed">
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<window id="hello-goodbye"
    title="Hello Goodbye"
  <broadcasterset id="broadcasterset">
    <broadcaster id="cmd_hello" oncommand="alert('Hello There!');"/>
  <keyset id="keyset">
    <key id="key_h" key="H" observes="cmd_hello" modifiers="accel,shift" />
    <key id="key_g" key="G" command="cmd_goodbye" modifiers="accel,shift" />
  <commandset id="commandset">
    <command id="cmd_goodbye" oncommand="alert('Goodbye!');" />
  <spacer flex="1"/>
  <label value="hello/goodbye"/>
  <textbox value="type ctl+shft+h"/>
  <textbox value="type ctl+shft+g"/>
  <spacer flex="1"/>


<a name="ch4"></a>
<p><b>Chapter 4</b>


<li>On page 88: '<b class="broken">these are selectors are identical</b>' has been changed to '<b class="fixed">these selectors are 

<li>On page 109: '<b class="broken">The <i>chome</i> URL that the -moz-binding property points to</b>' has been changed to '<b
class="fixed">The <i>chrome</i> URL that the -moz-binding property points to</b>'<br><br>


<a name="ch5"></a>
<p><b>Chapter 5</b>


<li>On page 113: Javascript 1.5 reference link in footnote has been changed from 
'<b class="broken"></b>' to
'<b class="fixed"></b>'<br><br>

<li>On page 120: '<b class="broken">&lt;/script.</b>' has been changed to '<b class="fixed">&lt;/script&gt;</b>'<br><br>

<li>On page 120: '<b class="broken">dump(l+'\n');</b>' has been changed to '<b class="fixed">dump(len+'\n');</b>'<br><br>

<li>On page 135: Example 5-11 has been changed to
<xmp class="fixed">
    <title>Sound Service Play Example</title>
      function play() {"UniversalXPConnect"); 
        var sample = Components.classes[";1"].createInstance(); 
        sample = sample.QueryInterface(Components.interfaces.nsISound); 
        const SND_NETWORK_STD_CID = ";1";
        const SND_I_URL           = "nsIURL";
        const SND_URL             = new  C.Constructor(SND_NETWORK_STD_CID, SND_I_URL);
        var url                   = new SND_URL();
        url.spec                  = '';;
    <form name="form">  
      <input type="button" value="Play Sound" onclick="play();">  

<li>On page 137: '<b class="broken">var connection = Components.classes [";1";</b>' 
  has been changed to 
'<b class="fixed">var connection = Components.classes [";1"];</b>'<br><br>

<li>On page 140: '<b class="broken">js> load(`chrome/jslib/jslib.js');</b>' has been changed to '<b class="fixed">js>


<a name="ch06"></a>
<p><b>Chapter 6</b>


<li>On page 145: Example 6-1 has been changed to <br/>

<xmp class="fixed">
var myFile = "xFly.jar";
initInstall(                      // initialize the installation
  "Install xFly",                 // display name of installation
  "xFly",                         // package name
  "0.0.1",                        // version of install
  1);                             // flags - an optional argument, 
                                  // reserved for future use
f = getFolder("Chrome"); 	  // specify a target directory
addFile(myFile);         	  // add software to the installation
  PACKAGE | DELAYED_CHROME,       // chrome switch (i.e., type)
  getFolder("Chrome","xFly.jar"), // destination of package
  "content/xFly/");               // location of manifest in package
if (0 == getLastError( ))   	  // if there have been no errors:
  performInstall( );        	  // install "xfly.jar"
else                       	  // otherwise
  cancelInstall( );         	  // cancel the installation.


<a name="ch08"></a>
<p><b>Chapter 8</b>


<li>On page 211: In 2nd sentence of paragraph '<b class="broken">QueryInterace</b>' has been 
changed to '<b class="fixed">QueryInterface</b>'<br><br></li>

<li>On page 222: In Example 8-4 has been changed to:

<xmp class="fixed">
function SimpleComponent(){}

SimpleComponent.prototype = {

    get yourName()        { return this.mName; },
    set yourName(aName)   { return this.mName = aName; },

    write: function () { dump("Hello " + this.mName + "\n"); },
    change: function (aValue) { this.mName = aValue; },
    mName: "a default value",

    QueryInterface: function (iid) {
        if (!iid.equals(Components.interfaces.nsISimple)
            && !iid.equals(Components.interfaces.nsISupports))
            throw Components.results.NS_ERROR_NO_INTERFACE;
        return this;

var Module = {
    firstTime: true,

    registerSelf: function (compMgr, fileSpec, location, type) {
        if (this.firstTime) {
            dump("*** Deferring registration of simple JS components\n");
            this.firstTime = false;
            throw Components.results.NS_ERROR_FACTORY_REGISTER_AGAIN;
        debug("*** Registering sample JS components\n");
        compMgr =
                                        "Simple JS Component",

    getClassObject : function (compMgr, cid, iid) {
        if (!cid.equals(this.myCID))
        throw Components.results.NS_ERROR_NO_INTERFACE
        if (!iid.equals(Components.interfaces.nsIFactory))
        throw Components.results.NS_ERROR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED;
        return this.myFactory;

    myCID: Components.ID("{98aa9afd-8b08-415b-91ed-01916a130d16}"),
    myProgID: ";1",

    myFactory: {
        createInstance: function (outer, iid) {
            dump("CI: " + iid + "\n");
            if (outer != null)
            throw Components.results.NS_ERROR_NO_AGGREGATION;
            return (new SimpleComponent()).QueryInterface(iid);

    canUnload: function(compMgr) {
        dump("****** Unloading: Simple JS component! ****** \n");
        return true;
}; // END Module

function NSGetModule(compMgr, fileSpec) { return Module; }

<li>On page 239: Example 8-15 has been changed to <br/></li>

<xmp class="fixed">
DEPTH         = ../../..
topsrcdir     = ../../..
srcdir        = .
VPATH         = .

include $(DEPTH)/config/

MODULE        = xpcom
XPIDL_MODULE  = simple
LIBRARY_NAME  = simple
MODULE_NAME   = nsSimpleModule
REQUIRES      = string \
                xpcom \

CPPSRCS   =              \
    nsSimple.cpp         \
    nsSimpleModule.cpp   \

XPIDLSRCS = nsISimple.idl

include $(topsrcdir)/config/

LIBS    +=        \
    $(XPCOM_LIBS) \
    $(NSPR_LIBS)  \

include $(topsrcdir)/config/


install:: $(TARGETS)


<a name="ch9"></a>
<p><b>Chapter 9</b>


<li>On page 257: In Example 9-7

<xmp class="broken">
	<triple subject="?listitem"

has been changed to

<xmp class="fixed">
        <triple subject="?listitem"


<a name="ch10"></a>
<p><b>Chapter 10</b>


<li>On page 280: In Table 10-3 '<b class="broken">Mostly used for retrieving, datasources, resources, and literals.</b>' has been
changed to '<b class="fixed">Mostly used for retrieving datasources, resources, and literals.</b>'<br><br>

<li>On page 297: '<b class="broken"></b>' has been changed to '<b


<a name="ch11"></a>
<p><b>Chapter 11</b>

<li>On page 314: In Example 11-5 and Example 11-6 '<b class="broken">var linetext =
document.createTextNode(messageParagraphs[i]);</b>' has been changed to '<b class="fixed">var linetext =

<a name="ch12"></a>
<p><b>Chapter 12</b>


<li>On page 336: In Example 12-6

<xmp class="broken">
 print `  <checkbox label="%s" />' % form['op1'].value
 print `  <checkbox label="%s" />' % form['op2'].value
   print `  <checkbox label="%s" />' % form['op3'].value

has been changed to (note the difference in indentation and in using a single quote versus a backtick)

<xmp class="fixed">
   print '  <checkbox label="%s" />' % form['op1'].value
   print '  <checkbox label="%s" />' % form['op2'].value
   print '  <checkbox label="%s" />' % form['op3'].value

<li>On page 339: A new 'Certificate Authorities and Digital
Signatures' section is being written with drafts available on <a


<a name="appa"></a>
<p><b>Appendix A</b>


<li>On page 365: '<b class="broken"></b>' has been changed to '<b


<a name="index"></a>


<li>On page 437: '<b class="broken">Chimera, 2</b>' has been changed to '<b class="fixed">Camino, 2</b>'<br><br>



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