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 <p><b>Chapter 10</b>  <p><b>Chapter 10</b>
 <ul>  <ul>
  <li>On page 280: In Table 10-3 '<font color="#FF0000">Mostly used for retrieving, 
    datasources,<br><li>On page 280: In Table 10-3 '<b class="broken">Mostly used for retrieving, datasources, resources, and literals</b>.' has been
    resources, and literals</font>.' has been changed to '<font color="#009900">Mostly changed to '<b class="fixed">Mostly used for retrieving datasources, resources, and literals</b>.'<br><br>
    used for retrieving datasources,<br>
    resources, and literals</font>.'.<br><li>On page 297: '<b class="broken">http://www.jslib.mozdev.org</b>' has been changed to '<b
  <li>On page 297: '<b class="broken">http://www.jslib.mozdev.org</b>' has been  
    changed to '<b class="fixed">http://jslib.mozdev.org</b>'<br> 
 </ul>  </ul>

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